TRADITIONAL TANTRA YOGA courses in Milan and in the Devi Tantra yoga offices in Italy

Tantra yoga differs from traditional yoga for its freedom and universality qualities sought after by modern minds. Tantra yoga remains one of the least understood teachings of yoga in the West. Tantra can be defined as an energetic and spiritual approach that uses various techniques such as Mantra , Pranayama, meditation and rituals and implies a devotional approach that emphasizes the worship of the god and goddess. It contains a path of knowledge that leads to the realization of the self and the absolute.

Tantric yoga does not deal with the physical body and mind in their ordinary state but aims to bring them to a state of calm so that they no longer obstruct the consciousness of the Self, the only dimension that can free us.



Tantra yoga: the benefits

In the physical field, the benefits of tantra yoga are those specific to any other form of yoga, and vary according to which elements the school prefers. If the practices favor the physical aspect, the greatest benefits will come from the spine, the musculoskeletal system, the lengthening of the tendons and the looseness of the joints. If it is a matter of practices that favor the meditative-energetic aspect (Kundalini), the benefits will involve the psychological dimension with marked improvement in mood, decrease in stress, containment of depressive states. Turning the gaze to the sexual dimension of the practice, without a doubt the tantric approach contributes to alleviating the tensions of the body thanks to the relaxed and non-competitive approach to sexual intercourse.

In our traditional Tantra yoga classes there is no nudity nor the use of tools such as bricks, straps, and other tools.

Comfortable, natural fiber clothing is recommended, please bring a towel to put on the mat and a cotton scarf for the asanas.




-DTY SICILY (Offices Palermo, Alcamo, Trapani, Marsala)

held by Maya Swati Devi or DTY team

MASTER CLASSES Monthly or with set dates.

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held by Donatella Angelini Devadarśi

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