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"Tantric alchemy says not to fight , to be friends with all the energies that have been given to you." Vigyana Bhairava tantra


Kaula tradition
conducted by Maya Swati Devi



The yoga of the Kaula tradition is yoga par excellence and has a unitary but polar cosmological vision in the basic vision where everything is "One".
The tradition was founded by Sadashiva, in eastern India, more than seven thousand years ago. Shiva is the mythical initiator, the primordial figure of the yogi, a being suspended between Earth and Heaven, a Master in whom the Divine is incarnated to shape the World, the founder of customs, love, music, art and tantric yoga.
In the practice of yoga, the "divine breath" is felt. It feels like a tingling or vibration under the skin. A vibration that becomes more and more profound and subtle as the psychophysical blocks are dissolved through the asanas and the practice of meditation.
The perception of the effervescence of sexual energy can produce what is called "RIDING THE TIGER" and can only arise from freedom and inner truth. Probably the dance and the bodies of the dancers are so frequent in pictorial representations, sculptures and symbology because they make visible the invisible, that divine caress that touches the body and heart of the yogi in the state of Ananda, in every moment of his existence.
The yoga of the Kaula tradition differs from traditional yoga in its freedom and universality qualities sought by modern minds and remains one of the least understood yoga teachings in the West.
It can be defined as an energetic and spiritual approach that uses various techniques such as Mantra, pranayama, meditation and rituals and implies a devotional approach that emphasizes the worship of the god and goddess.It contains a path of knowledge that leads to the realization of the self and the The yoga of the Kaula tradition does not deal with the physical body and mind in their ordinary state but aims to bring them to a state of stillness so that they no longer hinder the consciousness of the Self, the only dimension that can free us.
“Where there is an abundance of enjoyment what is the use of talking about yoga and where there is yoga there is no enjoyment but the Kaula rejoices in both”. Maharnirvana.
-During the lesson the teaching of some sequences of traditional Tantra yoga, pranayama, Mula Bandha, tantric meditations and a Mantra for the transformation of energy will be transmitted.

Tantric yoga is yoga par excellence and has a unitary but polar cosmological vision in the basic vision where everything is "One".

In the practice of Tantra Yoga we remember that the body is our sacred temple and that within and through it it is possible to experience and know the entire universe. Cosmization of the body is one of the aspects that distinguishes Tantric practice. Furthermore, it is characterized by an emphasis on the primordial energy that resides at the base of our spine, the Kundalini. It is considered as the most powerful force that resides dormant within us, to be "awakened" with great care.

In the practice of Tantra yoga, the "divine breath" is felt. It is perceived as a tingling or subtle vibration. A vibration that becomes deeper and more subtle as the psychophysical blocks are dissolved through the asanas and the practice of meditation. Sexual energy is discovered, transmuted and sublimated to allow the individual to reach elevated states of consciousness up to perfect communion with the Universal Consciousness.

In Tantra Yoga there is no kind of exhibitionism or competition. The body is the only tool we use, sometimes aided by strips of cotton fabric, no additional tools or props are used.

Tantra yoga is the most natural form of yoga that exists. It is in the simplicity and universality of the practice that true beauty lies!


OCTOBER 2020: Tuesday 06/13/27

NOVEMBER 2020 - Tuesday 3/10/17/24

DECEMBER 2020 - Tuesday 1


HOURS: From 19.00 to 20.30 - DURATION: 90 min.


The path can be followed ONLINE with live connection via ZOOM. Possibility of single DROP IN CLASS or to purchase vouchers or Memberships.



-1 ONLINE LESSON € 18.00





The reservation can be received up to 3 hours before the online connection and must be communicated to

To book it is necessary to proceed with the donation via PAYPAL.

Kiran, of DTY Italia can assist you during the booking at 392 6002523






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