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The calm of the Indian Ocean and the golden beaches of Kerala will frame our MYSTICAL INDIA RETREAT, which offers 10 days of total immersion in traditional Tantric Yoga and Ayurveda, two traditional ways of India that allow you to reach psychophysical well-being.
Finally, after two years, India reopens to tourism, yoga, study and now more than ever it is a privilege to be in the most mystical place in the world!
India is well known for yoga practice all over the world and our Mystical Awakening Retreat in Kerala is a wonderful opportunity to get to know and experience it in the wonderful beach of Kovalam, Kerala and with an international teacher who travels and lives in India for over 23 years: Maya Swati Devi, founder of the traditional school of Tantrism and Tantra Yoga DEVI TANTRA YOGA in 2007.
The knowledge of India and the Indian culture of Maya is very deep, so much so that he speaks Hindi and Sanskrit language. She is one of the few Western Yoga teachers invited to hold seminars and workshops in India, as well as organizing Tantrism and Tantra Yoga trips, tours and retreats since 2008.
The main philosophy of yoga is simple: mind, body and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated.
Yoga has the potential to drastically change a person. It is not just an exercise. It is unequivocally the blend of various physical, mental and spiritual disciplines that helps a body achieve mental tranquility and bodily supremacy.
Once you have adopted the Yoga lifestyle you can lead your life in a new direction.
Tantric yoga touches our consciousness while allowing us to meet our real self by bringing about radical changes in our behaviors and perceptions.

Kerala is one of the richest regions of India and the culture maintains original characteristics not found elsewhere.
Kerala, a state on the Indian tropical coast of Malabar, has nearly 600km of coastline on the Arabian Sea. It is famous for its palm-fringed beaches and inland waters, which flow in a network of canals. Inland there are the Western Gati, mountains on whose slopes there are plantations of tea, coffee and spices, as well as wildlife.

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest in the world and is said to have originated in Kerala; its principles were first documented about 2,000 years ago, but Ayurveda is believed to have been practiced for several centuries. According to Ayurveda, the world has its own intrinsic balance and illness is nothing more than a departure from this order, a loss of balance.

Ayurvedic massage was born in India about 5000 years ago, as a holistic technique to restore a balance between mind and body, especially by stimulating the body's energy centers, the so-called chakras.
Ayurvedic medicine, in fact, provided for a manipulation technique as a means to achieve the goal of perfect harmony between the psyche and the body matter. According to tradition, it was the creative deity Brahma who gave it to gods and men, to heal diseases and spread well-being.
Ayurvedic massage consists of a mildly gentle massage treatment, which promotes blood circulation and vital fluids, a source of maintaining the body and mind in proper health.
By acting through manual stimulation on the chakras or energy centers of our body, the massage creates a feeling of well-being on the muscles, the circulatory, venous and immune systems.
The search for harmony does not mean static, on the contrary. The Ayurvedic massage manipulation system provides for the stimulation of vital energies on a physical but also psychic level, to release the forces of vitality and remove the symptoms of stress and anxiety, often somatized in the muscular tensions of the neck and back, of the stomach and cervical.
Wellness and relaxation according to Ayurvedic dictates, in addition to treating states of imbalance and stress, prevent the emergence of new ailments, instilling positivity in the relationship with oneself and with the surrounding environment.
Ayurvedic massage brings back to the condition of man inserted in the universe, as a catalyst of external energies but also a source of internal dynamism, which can expand in one's life, improving it.

Tantric yoga is yoga par excellence: mystical, symbolic, erotic, sacred, archaic, and has a unitary cosmological vision, but polar in the absolute principle, where everything is "One".
In Tantrism the body is considered a temple of the divine. Within and through it, understood as a microcosm, it is possible to experience and know the entire universe, the macrocosm, as they are both composed of the same constituent elements: air, water, earth, fire and ether.
The body is therefore the best tool that man has available for his spiritual progress.
Every human activity is a means of realizing and expressing the inner yoga, which leads to evolution and divine awareness.
Yoga is the unity of all dualities and opposites that make up the energies of life and teaches us to understand and transcend the same duality, harmonizing it within us in a state of transformative equilibrium.
The purpose of tantric yoga is to achieve the union of Shiva and Shakti in the body and mind of the practitioner, to restore the state of the universe before creation.

On a golden sandy beach in Kovalam: in front of you you will see palm trees and blue sea, you will feel the warm sand under your feet and you will breathe deeply. Our retreat Ayurveda resort is located on the beautiful Malabar beach in Kerala, India. The center has been named "Best Ayurvedic Center" of Kerala 10 times. The team of doctors is made up of renowned Ayurveda specialists who have been active in the treatment of Western clinical conditions for over 30 years.
Elegant and simply beautiful: the natural stone or brick bungalows are typical of South India.
The bedroom has an attached bathroom.

COVID 19 - India reopens to tourism
The Indian government reopened to international tourism from 15 October 2021, after the closure of the borders which lasted practically more than a year due to the Covid pandemic.
It is possible to apply for an online visa (E-VISA) at least 10 days before departure and valid for 120 days for a maximum of 30 days of stay
To request the E-VISA visit the link:
PCR test on arrival is required, valid at least 72 hours in advance but there is no quarantine.
At the time of departure, everyone must be in possession of a visa.

To register, please send an email to
requesting the PARTICIPATION FORM.
Registration closes on December 24, 2021.Maximum 16 participants.