Tantrism:The Origin

It is called Tantra because it gives liberation and great knowledge through Tattva and Mantra ~ From “The Tantric Dancer” by Maya Swati Devi

Tantrism is a set of spiritual teachings, rituals, meditative practices, and yogic techniques through which one can increase introspective mental capacities and allow one to reach full control of body, speech and mind and the purification of all inner energies and physical and psychological components. Through this subtle change, the practitioner himself/herself changes and evolves and achieves his/her true nature, which is as pure and strong as a diamond. 

Tantra means ‘continuity’ or ‘uninterrupted flow’ but has a double meaning: 

  • Continuity in the dissemination of the teachings from Guru to the students and from old Gurus to the new Gurus.

  • Continuity of the mind’s nature in the flow of the student’s consciousness. The nature of the mind is always present in every being with no discontinuity, when, at the beginning, it is impure (basic consciousness), when purification happens (pathway), and when the purified mind is achieved’ (result). 

Because myself Śiva, I am the sperm and the red humour is my Śakti: when the two blend, I am united to her! Who knows this truth, his body becomes the one of a God! ~ Śiva Saṃhitā

Tantra refers to the non-Vedic texts/body of literature that have to do with mystic and esoteric teachings, techniques and methods. These teachings, techniques and methods are mystic because they focus on identifying inner relationships between microcosm and macrocosm, mind and universe, rituality and reality, and matter and spirit. These teachings, techniques and methods are esoteric because they did not used to be disseminated widely but only orally to a few students, whom the teacher thought had more sophisticated and sharp capacities. 

Tantra is not a religion but a culture and spiritual science which has no imposed dogma and with an holistic approach aimed at the study of the universe from the individual’s point of view. It is a science that grasps the methods to penetrate the subconscious and dive into the depths of the unconscious to wipe away the all issues and fears that stop us from living fully.  

It is a process of personal growth that can be accessed only through initiation by a Guru and where emotions, beauty and sex are the most important sources of spiritual energy. The deepest levels of consciousness cannot be reached through the process of thought but can only be accessed by using powerful symbols and practices that engage body, speech and mind. These symbols and practices are the only means through which liberation can be reached. When lib


Tantra is the path that acknowledges the greatness of life in all the manifestations of the being. It is the great knowledge that celebrates life and is based on the laws of human and divine nature ~ From “The Tantric Dancer” by Maya Swati Devieration is reached the individual is able to exist in an authentic way, here and now, through the harmony of his/her sensuality and spirituality.

Tantra and sex

Tantra teaches to free ourselves from taboos and accept life fully, awakening all human and cosmic energies. 

Tantra, against common Western beliefs, does not teach the art of sex or how to improve sexual performance. Tantra gives sex a high value and meaning and sees sex as a door to enter – through the practice of rituals – into a sacred dimension, where ‘sacred’ is intended as ‘love and respect towards the varied transformation of gestures, sounds, forms and life’.

Sexuality is the most natural and powerful human instinct and tantrism looks at it as an essential part of a human being: a push or force that is not physiological or biological but one that encompasses all emotional and intellectual life of an individual and which is key to human interaction. 

In tantric relationships the idea of ‘the other’ as an isolated entity disappears and a balance arises in which there is no manipulation or objectification between two individuals but unity (non-dualism) and perfect sharing of values in life.

Sex is not removed or limited but transformed into a psychic activity with the objective of achieving transcendent awareness (prajñā). In a sacred union the feminine energy is represented by the earthly symbol of the Divine Mother of the Universe (Śakti), whilst the man embodies the masculine energy (Śiva).

The woman, who can give life through the act of giving birth, represents Brahmā, one of the three deities of the Hindu Holy Trinity (trimūrti), and must be respected and honoured. The woman attracts, absorbs and contains the hidden energies of the universe. When the feminine energy is united with the masculine energy, the feminine energy becomes dynamic and positive and leads to an alchemic reaction during which the two partners find harmony at many levels and develop extra-sensorial capacities.  

The woman in tantrism embodies the energy of transformation, change, and evolution and man is pure consciousness.

Tantra is a spiritual pathway towards liberation and unity with the Absolute, which is in every path, form, practice or expression of this ‘everything’ of which man is only a spark, a small representation of the Universe and the Divine. 

“Who uses meat and wine to worship you. Goddess that you are the life of Shiva, make no mistake, but those who develop attachment for these substances will see their worship frustrated "
Ganapati Muni, Uma Sahasram 17.22-23

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