"SADHANA TANTRICA: The practice of Tantra in daily life"

conducted by MAYA SWATI DEVI and authorized Devi Tantra yoga teachers


DEVI TANTRA YOGA® is the first Italian school - founded by Maya Swati Devi in ​​2007 - which organizes advanced courses in Indian Tantrism. The school in Italy and certified teachers who have carried out a long training course with Maya, authorized to spread her teachings.


The annual path of Tantra yoga created by Maya Devi is a unique opportunity for personal growth to learn Tantra according to the ancient Indian tradition.

This intensive course, structured in 6 annual meetings, on a monthly basis, will provide you with practical and spiritual tools to experience and practice Tantra in your daily life, because only in this way can it become part of your life, uniting hearts and souls in a conscious dimension of love and acceptance towards oneself and others regardless of sex, social status, physical appearance and sexual preference.

A deep path of inner growth, open to single men and women or couples, interested in learning the teachings of Tantra that derive from the ancient Indian tradition and connecting to their life force, their body and their sensuality, making direct experience on oneself through tantric techniques and rituals for expanding consciousness and opening the heart.



TANTRA is a set of practices, rituals, magical and mystical operations that allows you to overcome the veil of sensitive appearances and to reach liberating illumination, joining the divinity, bringing the individual back to his absolute source.

Tantrism, in addition to being a school of thought and meditative asceticism, is also a practical doctrine, with exercises and body postures, breathing techniques, etc., which lead to perfection and immortality.

Since the transmutation and sublimation of energies in the human being represent two fundamental principles in tantric practice, and since sexual energy has a colossal power, the sexual union between two beings who love each other, achieved through consecration, transfiguration and continence becomes essential to achieve certain goals from a spiritual point of view. The sexual union obviously does not boil down to the physical encounter of two lovers, but consists of a real mystical union, a sacred fusion between two beings who transfigure themselves and the other in a sublime, divine way; both, in fact, perceive themselves as two divinities and become gateways to reach the absolute through ecstatic experiences of infinite bliss.

The alchemical process that occurs within those who perform tantric practices is therefore not limited to the physical and organic sphere, but involves the whole being. Through tantric love there is a continuous reunion between the two absolute, eternal principles, the Male and the Female, and between two divinities, Shiva and Shakti, who become One and the same by reaching the mystical ecstasy.


"Tantra activates energies that help us feel connected to the universe and recognize the body as the sacred temple of Divine reality."



You will learn breathing exercises (pranayama), meditations, visualizations, mantras of the ancient tantric tradition, tantra ‐ yoga asanas, rituals, tantric exercises to refine the use of the 5 senses and to awaken and activate the chakras in your body.

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