Tantric and teaching principles of Devi Tantra yoga

"Therefore, the importance of a guru to the aspirant on the path of Yoga cannot be stressed enough. In the words of Shiva," After finding a guru knowledgeable in Yoga and receiving instruction in Yoga, the yogi should carefully and resolutely practice in the way taught by the guru "(45). Similarly, Sri Dharma teaches that" The role of Guru is of the highest importance, as is the sincerity, humility, and loyalty of the student "

(The Importance of a Guru in Yoga Tradition). Shiva Samhita


Our school is TRADITIONAL and does not include any new age sexual approach to Tantrism. The teachings are transmitted according to the GURUSHISHA PARAMPARA tradition based on the teachings received by Maya Swati Devi, through initiation by her Masters of the Kaula and Sakta lineages. Click HERE to read Maya's story.

All our courses are open to those who want to approach traditional altantrism.The working environment is friendly, discreet and does not expire in the brisk sexual aspect or in the vulgarity of many new age schools, since we work on the sacredness of being.

As an integral part of the internship it is essential to have an attitude of deep respect and support for each participant.

The work does not require particular disinhibition because the practice of the exercises, without any erotic intent, aim to awaken the creative energy in our body.
In this dimension a man and a woman can meet in a sacred place, with an open heart and with a true approach to life and love.




What is certain is that there is nothing instantaneous in the process of spiritual growth. Those who reach a certain maturity in this area do so with years of inner work and sincerity.

There is in these spiritually hardened human beings, both Monks / and Teachers / or Shamans /, a characteristic of integrity and grounding. They are not disembodied souls nor do they want to appear so.
They are not, nor are they expected, beyond anything. For this reason, they are able to embrace the complexity of those around them with love, and to show the way towards a real transcendence, without shortcuts or illusions of holiness, with a simple human vocation.

The spiritual way teaches us that we come here alone and we go alone, but at the same time we are never alone if connected to the divine source.

Irony and humor are qualities that all the great Masters have developed.

Humor opens horizons to infinite interpretations of reality, and then reality is no longer just what makes us suffer.

The conquest of Independence passes from the fundamental awareness that it is necessary to honor every experience and choice of the spirits that cross our path, even those that are objectively more negative or destructive. The awakened soul that places itself on a conscious observation platform knows that it must abandon, among others, the mask of the judge, since the encounter with several companion souls, and the relational dramas that will come on stage, gives him awareness of how they are mirrors of his own experience.


The great masters do not teach by speaking, but by embodying their teaching. They make it alive and real in their testimony. Their life is a manifestation of their truth. They do not use the word to subjugate, but to awaken. They do not give solutions, but simple tools. They do not offer answers, but they create an obstacle course so that the playing field of experience becomes, for the player, the practice necessary to awaken his wisdom.
They are not beggars, but emperors! They do not beg, but live on themselves.

As the Tao Te Ching says: “the sage places himself last and becomes first; it stays out and is in the center ”.
In his "relationship with others" a true master does not create addiction or addiction. He is not a shepherd in the midst of a flock of domesticated sheep. It does not impose anything, but allows everyone to recognize what they already have inside themselves. He does not seek followers, but free seekers. A master is never the right answer, but rather the right question.


THE VIA TANTRICA and the traps of the EGO  


Hurry into action, and fail. Try to grab things, and you lose them. Force a project to completion, and ruin what was almost ripe. "LAO TZE.


You will meet many people who will abandon the Way before they even begin their evolutionary journey on this earth, others will find all the obstacles to leave the Way, still others will build apologies and use them as a weapon to enter the role of victim or try to feel sorry for themselves because 'affected by bad luck. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish in this life: "Your limit is the sky!" It is we who build our limits in our life through the resistances of the ego. Make surrender, abandon yourself to the flow of life and start living following your true divine nature!

Knowledge of a spiritual path and dedication to a mystical way requires unlimited and indefinite time.
In a society where everything appears fast and determined, not making plans for the future or seeking goals is a principle understood by few.

Few people engage in daily practice that would allow them to focus on the present and embrace everything that is the moment and the here and now. Many people complain forgetting that any change requires a major transformation that cannot take place in a few days.

When someone asks me how long it takes to internalize the tantric way, I always answer that daily practice has a great influence on this time.

There are 3 basic steps for an adept in the tantric way to overcome that hinder inner evolution:


1) INDIGESTION STAGE: initial excessive enthusiasm push the person to enroll in many courses together and to do more than what he can internalize, risking to make indigestion of practices and principles.


2) EGO STAGE To demand the resolution of life with few practices, little effort and at a speed determined by the mind and not by awareness. The ego constantly asks, the soul does not.


The person feels fear due to the disruption of beliefs developed by the ego in the past and cannot go beyond fears.

In this internship, the chosen path is often abandoned (which had been undertaken with great enthusiasm) and one definitively moves away from one's self in order not to upset one's life.


To practice Tantrism, the primary condition is the conscious presence of one's self. The physical practices of tantra yoga - asana, pranayama, bandha - and the alchemical ones - mantras, meditations, nyasa - can be applied by everyone. By obtaining many positive effects, such as rediscovering and cultivating sensoriality, learning to expand the senses; to develop presence and conscious intimate listening in every moment of life; do not run away from your shadows, but go through them, transform them without fear like the vira (hero) and start riding the tiger; understand that sexual energy is the most powerful energy of creation and resides in the body ".
Nothing is more magnificently creative and meditative than a sacred act of love. At that moment we understand that we are not alone and we are one with the macrocosm.



There is no Tantra without daily Sadhana.

The fulcrum of tantrism, around which all its teaching revolves is sadhana, or discipline. To a superficial view this may appear contradictory. Why, if there is full freedom to break the rules, the hinge around which everything revolves is the discipline? Sadhana is not a discipline imposed from the outside, therefore "rules", but an internal contentment, therefore "pleasure". Sadhana is the natural way, the practice without constraints, authentic, never superficial.
Tantric sadhana is conceived in this sense. We are "fallen" spiritual beings in a physical body, but it is within our body that we find the strength to achieve realization. It is through the strength of our body that we can interrupt the process of spiritual decline caused by our own corporeality.
The practitioner realizes in himself the interdependence of microcosm and macrocosm and lives in his corporeality the universal laws and principles of cosmogony. For this reason, daily practice, the true essence of tantra, is no longer discipline but becomes a natural philosophy of life.



SPIRITUAL WAY AND KARMA YOGA (Taken from an FB post by Maya Swati Devi)

In over 10 years of spreading a spiritual path in Italy, no one has ever asked me to be able to perform "Karma yoga" at my center or in my home in exchange for spiritual teachings.

In my twenty years of training in Tantrism and spiritual research I have practiced for all my Gurus the practice of Karma yoga (service to the divine) or Sewa.
This is the direct transmission Master / pupil Gurushisha parampara that has existed since the dawn of time in every spiritual way.
I was chosen by my first Maestro and therefore I never had to pay anything (just a few spontaneous offers) but I spent many months in his home doing all that was necessary for daily life.
I cooked, washed on the ground, I went to get the water at Ganga even on the coldest mornings, I looked after, fed, washed and massaged my
Guru's feet and he spontaneously sent me the authentic teachings when he thought me ready.
I never asked for more of what he gave me because I had confidence and total abandonment to him.

Who would be willing to welcome such an experience and ready to leave everything to embrace the Way?

True and sincere researchers are welcome to practice Karma yoga instead of paying for the teachings, but with sincere devotion and dedication and only after being chosen.
Those who believe that spirituality should be free should first of all be willing to exchange the teachings with dedication, commitment and discipline towards the chosen path.
Only after having dedicated himself to the practice would he realize how much spirituality has value.

So where are all those people interested in the way or those who consider themselves true spiritual seekers?
Until we know our true nature we do not speak between souls but through the ego.



Happy awakening!
Maya Swati Devi



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