Tantra Yoga and Tantric Sessions

with Maya Swati Devi

Tantric consultation
Individual or couple
One to One lesson of Tantrism

The Tantric Consultation is an individual session with Maya Swati Devi open to men, women and couples who are looking for a path of personal growth and want to approach traditional Tantrism as a way of personal and spiritual growth.
The consultation does not have a psychological approach but allows the person to expose their problems related to the relationship of a couple and their sexuality, blocks that do not allow you to live life in its entirety, emotional or unconscious difficulties.
During the session you will learn some tantric techniques to enter your body, open your heart and recognize the divine within you. You will be given practices to bring into your daily life.
In addition, we will suggest the route that best suits your needs as a single or couple.

Maya performs customized lessons available for singles or couples aimed at resolving energy blocks or specific sexual problems.
For this please contact us and describe your needs.
Timetables, lessons and the program are customizable and will be in accordance with your times.

The consultations and lessons can also be arranged in cities where Maya Swati Devi performs on weekends residential internships.

Tantric Healing session
Sacred intimacy

Tantric healing and sacred intimacy: the sessions offer the opportunity to release energy blocks that limit one's full experience and expression of erotic and sexual energy. Releasing these knots gains an enormous amount of personal power, trust and clarity and opens up to a greater amount of pleasure and deeper sensual experiences.

A tantric healing session involves the body's energy centers (chakras), erotic energy, breathing, movement, visualization, resonance of sacred Mantras (Sacred syllables). This is an intuitive process that directs and guides the detection of energy that moves, builds, matures and flows.
The purpose of these sessions is to create a space of trust within oneself with the expert help of a teacher who channels emotions through release in the body.

The energetic knots are faced with sweet, safe, and conscious commitment in order to obtain greater vitality and deep psycho-physical well-being.

Classes and Training Personalized Tantra serve precisely to introduce and listening to the knowledge of this spiritual path and to develop a deeper awareness of our body, presence and listening in life.
The techniques that are taught are simple and effective; they can be practiced by anyone and become part of everyday life without sacrifices or inconvenience of any kind.
The course is planned together with the teacher following the nature of each person and keeping in mind their deep motivations, their learning rhythms and their possibilities of time.
Lessons and Training are aimed at singles and couples. The fact of being personalized allow the path to be structured on the people involved, and therefore to create an intimate relationship that acts on the deeper layers: on the unconscious and on the soul.
The path for singles is addressed to those who feel the need to embark on a spiritual journey starting exclusively from themselves; that for couples, on the other hand, to lovers who intend to integrate or deepen the spiritual dimension together.

Sitting by
Tantric sound healing
Nyasa and Mantra

Tantric healing at the level of cellular memories with the sacred sounds of the Bijia mantra of tantra
carried out by imprinting with the mouth on some parts of the body (Nyasa). The practice is carried out while the person is lying both from the front and from the back. This allows the person to open and energize the Nadis (energy channels in the body) and to make the cakra receptive.Maya is the only one in Italy to carry out this ancient technique of purification and healing.

One to one lesson by
Traditional tantra yoga
Asana, Pranayama, Mantra
with Maya Swati Devi

How to book a one to one session


If you want to book an appointment to learn about the traditional Indian tantric way as a single or a couple, you can send the following data to devitantrayoga@gmail.com

Name and surname, date of birth, telephone number and the reason for which the session or consultation is requested.



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