"THE TANTRIC MASSAGE" -A great misunderstanding of new age Tantra and a mystery revealed


"The Garden of Eden is the emblem of the paradisiacal body of man. There man was one with Nature. He was himself paradise, a privileged enclosure in a garden of delight" Mahanirvana Tantra

Tantric massage, understood as it is in the west, is not tantra.

Tantra requires a spiritual practice (SADHANA) which has nothing to do with massage.

Due to the lack of knowledge of tantric teachings and the proliferation in the West of misleading ideas about Tantra that do not reflect its spiritual nature, the TANTRA MASSAGE often turns into a device to hide sexual performance and exploitation of prostitution.

Tantra, emptied of its true spiritual meaning, is used to make exotic and often to conceal a banal sexual performance.

In our society Tantra is often synonymous with "free and unrestrained sex and with different partners" or has been reduced to a banal erotic massage.


The tantra massage has become a fusion of elements of various grotesque massages and body massages and marketed in massage centers with no professional ethics nor much less preparation.

In Italy, in recent years tantra massage centers have been opened for profit or worse still tantric massage schools without a real knowledge of the subject matter that promise fake diplomas and courses with misleading contents. We have seen in recent years the proliferation of schools with teachers who call themselves Satya (great knowledge) and women with low moral values ​​who call themselves "tantric priestesses". Many of these alleged tantric masters have been investigated for exploitation of prostitution, tried and convicted because they managed real brothels instead of massage centers.


There is no tantric operator / tore or masseuse / tore figure and none of these or presumed figures will serve your spiritual evolution on this earth.

In no tantra massage center will they be able to give you practices for your spiritual path.

Avoid centers that promote services with half-naked cover girls and promise massages with final ecstasy (unless you are looking for this approach) because that experience will not serve your evolution.


YONI and LINGAM MASSAGE - A myth revealed

It is important to specify that there is no tantric genital massage called YONI and LINGAM massage.

How could it be possible to reach the divine and mystical union with Siva and Sakti within us through a massage to the genitals?

In Indian medicine Ayurveda there is a yoni massage which is carried out at the entrance of the vagina with medicated oils a few days before giving birth to favor a birth without complications and a greater opening of the woman.

In Taoism Zen monks used Taoist sex practices to make the Lingam (penis) stronger and longer but for men it was a serious, meditative practice that required great discipline and great courage.

The genital massages that are offered today have all the characteristics of a real masturbation.

Getting your intimate massages massaged is like giving another person permission to alter your inner balance.

Energy acts on a subtle level and the other person's energy instead of rebalancing your energy centers and subtle channels will activate dormant emotions or emotions within you. The vibration of love in a sharing must be authentic because when it is not present it cannot be created from nothing.

Yoni and Lingam massage are a pure NEO TANTRA invention that uses techniques such as sexual therapy to apply Tantra.

So let's start calling things for what they are and not hiding them under an exotic name like Tantra.

Sex therapy has its value for those who believe in the material aspect of things but it is not a path of awareness and self-knowledge.


If you are looking for a spiritual and authentic way of transformation, like the tantric one, stay away from those who call themselves Gurus or enlightened Masters or who manage massage centers and offer illuminations through a massage. If you are looking for this experience, you will certainly find what you are looking for by doing a Google search under MASSAGE TANTRA. But know that it would be much more honest to talk about seeking sexual performance than Tantra. Tantrism and sex speak with a different vibration. If you are looking for ordinary sex you may still have to experience this material experience and perhaps you are not yet ready to embrace a spiritual path.
For those who are looking for an authentic spiritual way, some tips to avoid finding yourself in unpleasant and often dangerous situations, where unscrupulous people go to play with your inner energy and violate your body by altering the deepest layers of your psycho-physical balance.


Avoid all who call themselves tantric therapist or healer, people who are not clear and do not give you explanations about the tantric principles that follow in a concrete and exhaustive way, with which Master they studied and to which lineage they belong.


To recognize if those in front of you use Tantra to cover or mask other things, it is important to ask three fundamental questions:

-What tantric lineages does your school belong to?

-What Masters have you started from and what has been your study path.

-What are the 3 initiations of traditional Tantrism (that every true Master started in his lineage knows).

If the person in question hesitates, finds a trick to not answer the questions or speaks in an unclear language for the sake of secrecy, we are almost certainly faced with an imposter who uses the name Tantra to cover his sexual needs or to acquire the power it does not have.

Tantric massage cannot be proposed or performed in massage or beauty centers and for the sole purpose of a purely physical or erotic experience.



Everyone acts in life according to their level of awareness. So we hope you find what you are looking for.























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