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- GODDESS TANTRIC YOGA LESSON Yoga tantra yoga lesson developed by Maya to work on female energy. You will learn a sequence of Asanas that derive from the Indian saktha tradition and which refers to the Dasha Mahavidya (the ten goddesses of wisdom) to relax and tone the body through pranayama, Asana, Mudra, Mantra.



A very ancient touch that derives from the Indian Tantric Sakta tradition and the adoration of the great Goddess. The sacred touch is a massage of love, spirituality, sensuality and sweetness during which each woman's body is perceived as the temple of the soul and the expression of the divine which is venerated through sacred rituals. The Sacred Touch rebalances the male part and the female part in the body, the eternal alchemical process of union of the sun and moon as an energetic interaction and eternal magical process of union. The sessions give more body and sensory awareness by harmonizing our being and freeing us from fears, inhibitions, sexuality lived with difficulties, emotional blockages, anxiety, stress and fatigue.



Healing of the female organ with the sacred sounds of the Bijia mantra of tantra.
YONI HEALING session performed by impressing with the mouth on some parts near the uterus the sounds of the bijia mantra (such as Aim.Hrim.shrim.Krim ..) of tantra.The practice is carried out while the person is lying down, dressed or covered with a towel and it is not a sexual or invasive practice.This allows the person to open all the nadis (energy channels in the body) and to clean the uterus from heavy cellular memories by reactivating its receptivity. Maya is the only one in Europe to carry out this ancient technique of purification and healing. The practice is neither sexual nor invasive but it is energetic through the use of mantras.


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