Introductory evenings and meetings by  Tantrism

The introductory meetings are a first approach to Tantrism and traditional Tantra yoga Kaulae Sakta that spreads our school.


A study meeting dedicated to those who want to know the principles  of the traditional Tantra, theoretical and practical, applied  to some practices  Tantrics of tradition.

Meditations will be given to you  tantri che , Asanas and practices of Tantra yoga, Mantra and  techniques to balance the masculine and the feminine in our body.

You will know  the history, origins, Sacred Texts and traditions of Tantrism.

This transmission is called in the Sanskrit language  SATSANG (meeting with the Master) and will be led by  Maya Swati Devi or the teachers of the DTY team.

You can then ask questions and have  clarifications on the Via Tantrica  and on practices in daily life.

This evening is open to all those who want to know the TANTRISM of tradition and who seek this WAY to grow and evolve spiritually.

Duration: About 2 hours  
Location: Milan Navigli area / DTY headquarters

Italy: Parma, Palermo, Ancona

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