Sacred sexuality in Tantrism

Nella visione tantrica, l'intero universo fisico e mentale è percepito come essendo simile al tessuto

in cui le parti si uniscono nell'intero (tutto), e in cui l'intero (il tutto) si riflette in tutte le sue parti.



In Tantra Yoga, sexual energy is discovered, transmuted and sublimated to allow the individual to reach elevated states of consciousness up to perfect communion with the Universal Consciousness. It is the union of the two aspects Shiva and Shakti, female and male, lunar and solar, which leads to creation, to the whole manifestation.

To enter the sacredness of sex, first of all, one must be willing to open oneself totally to the other, at all levels, without inhibitions and without fear of having to defend oneself with the closure of the heart. Trying to be more and more natural and spontaneous, therefore we can allow the opening of the heart to call the sacred fire which then requires all our listening and all our welcome to be able to proceed along its path. The second step is to recognize the divine in the other person and be able to make love with his enlightened and awakened aspect.

It is a surrender of the ego to the divine of both who is in fact One: a single Presence of Love. The present and total abandonment to ever deeper levels, the recognition of one's own divine aspect and that of the other, the surrender total to that divine presence that calls lovers to Himself, precisely because they have been able to open the narrow and miserable boundaries of the Ego to become One.


In tantric intercourse much importance is given to the retention of the bindu (seed); this word literally means "point", "drop" and is the nucleus, the point from which all creation becomes manifest. The origin of the bindu is located at the level of the brain (where the Ojas energy is based), but as in profane sexuality, the psychic activities related to excitement, passions and emotions ignite the Kama Agni (fire of desire) whose heat acts negatively on Ojas causing this energy to descend downwards which is then dissipated with orgasm in the form of sperm. When sperm is lost, a certain quantity of energy of great importance is lost; avoiding ejaculation therefore means conserving precious fuel, but also being able to promote "explosion" during the maithuna which can cause convergence towards the center and therefore transcendence. To this end, the man must perfect the practices of vajroli mudra, moola-bandha and uddiyanabandha while the practice of sahajoli is very important for women. Maithuna may be the easiest way to awaken Kundalini, but very few are adequately prepared for this path; ordinary sex is not maithuna (even if the physical act is the same) for maithuna the couple must first be adequately purified (both internally and externally) and must be able to have the mind free of emotions and passions (which is difficult to get during a sexual act). For this reason, according to Tradition, the practice of Dakshina marg (the way of the bhaktas, known as "Tantra of the right hand") must be followed for a few years for preliminary purposes, before reaching al Vama Marg, in order to prepare the sadhaka to acquire bhakti (devotion-love) towards the woman, and therefore towards the Shakti.



Our school proposes sacred sexuality as a topic of the three-year Tantrism and Tantra yoga training or during specific residential internships.



"The real wine that must be researched and drunk is the divine nectar that intoxicates with joy and eternal life. A true yogi who enjoys the infinite bliss that derives from the union of the Self (Shiva) and its supreme Shakti (Kundalini ) .Only when Shiva is united with Shakti does he have the power to Create "