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mandala corsi di tantra

The routes  and the workshops of Tantrism and traditional Tantra yoga  they appeal to all  spiritual seekers  who want to learn the basic techniques of Tantra Yoga and the basic concepts of traditional Indian Tantrism to bring them into their daily life.

The  Tantra  has very ancient origins connected to the matriarchal era of the Dravidian peoples who lived in the Indus valley between 4000 and 1300 BC For this reason Tantrism is very likely the main current in Indian spirituality of the last thousand years or more, and helps us to understand its evolution. The same  Yoga  it is believed to have Tantric origins as handed down by SadaŚiva himself, the mythical initiator, the primordial figure of the yogi, a being suspended between Earth and Heaven, Master in whom the Divine is incarnated to give shape to the World, the founder of customs, of the love, music, art and tantric yoga.

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit words  tanoti  which means "to expand" e  trayati  which means "to release". It is therefore considered the knowledge that teaches to expand consciousness and to release, transform and transcend creative sexual energy.


Tantrism is a  holistic approach  to life that studies the Universe from the point of view of the individual: the study of the macrocosm through the study of the microcosm, a concept that is also the basis of Alchemy  and which is expressed through the principle according to which "What is above is equal to what is below, and what is below is equal to what is above". This means that multiplicity is only appearance: everything is, in its essence, identical, since everything has a single quality and everything is pervaded by the unifying spirit of the divine.

Tantrism is by its nature non-dual, aimed at  reappropriation of the self, to the  experimentation through the senses, to  celebration of life, a practical way and not of metaphysical abstractions, a way that does not impose renunciation or asceticism but which recognizes in the  wish  the main force of manifestation of the divine in its human / embodied dimension. It is a spiritual science independent of any dogma or creed, which is based on experience, observation and practice.  It draws on all the main sciences, namely astrology, numerology, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, physics, alchemy and chemistry, to provide the tools for  expand awareness in everyday life.

During  the paths and internships we will learn some of the  practices of the traditional Indian tantric way Kaula and Shakta, such as the  breathing  circular tantric, tantric yoga and we will learn to honor and resonate our body as a divine temple in harmony with the macrocosm through  mantra  And  nyasa  (impression of sound on the body). Tools will be donated which, if used correctly, are capable of providing a high inner transformation.

Tantrism contains a path of knowledge that leads to the realization of the self and the absolute. As such it is a complex and integral system for the development of consciousness and has something to offer all seekers of truth.

The course is developed in 5 afternoons of study and practice. It is possible to participate alone or in pairs.

“Where the fire  agni  it is on, where the breath is controlled, where the nectar flows, in that place the mind is born. Through the impulse of the divine sun, you should abide joyfully in the original reality ”.

Śvetāśvatara Upaniṣad


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