Tantric sessions with Maya Swati Devi

in Italy

(English speaking one to one sessions available)

Tantra is spiritual practice in daily life, union with Earth and Heaven in the concreteness of our body: it is transforming every moment of the day into an opportunity to love, meditate, experience pleasure and inner harmony.
Well-being, satisfaction and peace go through sensitivity and openness. The more sensitive we are, the more we can perceive the intrinsic harmony in ourselves and in others, in nature and in life; the more open we are, the more we can grasp the subtle balance that regulates the cycles of us human beings and existence, and accept all the facets and riches that daily experience offers us.
When this state of mind, of presence and listening, becomes a way of being in the world, a fairly stable and continuous attitude, we can enjoy gratitude for the abundance with which we participate in our life, the pleasure of living every aspect of existence and the magical and enchanted atmosphere in which the ever-present love and mystery lead us.

Contents and Purposes

The lessons and Personalized Training of Tantra are used to guide in the development of this type of presence and listening in life.
The techniques that are taught are simple and effective; they can be practiced by anyone and become part of everyday life without sacrifices or inconvenience of any kind.
The path is planned together, according to the needs and personalities of each person and keeping in mind their deep motivations, their learning rhythms and their possibilities of time.
Lessons and Training are aimed at singles and couples. The fact of being personalized allow the path to be structured ad hoc on the people involved, and therefore to create an intimate relationship that acts on the deeper layers: on the unconscious and on the soul.
The path for singles is addressed to those who feel the need to embark on a spiritual journey starting exclusively from themselves; that for couples, on the other hand, to lovers who intend to integrate or deepen the spiritual dimension together.






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