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Tantric yoga Teacher Training INDIA 2019
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DEVI TANTRA YOGA ®, the first Italian school founded by Maya Swati Devi in ​​2007, organizes the TYTT Tantric yoga teacher training in India, during Diwali "the festival of lights", certified RYS 200 by YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL.
TYTT in India is a deep path of inner growth suitable for those interested in learning the teachings of Tantra that derive from the ancient Indian tradition learning to live like Tantrika (those who follow the way of Tantra) in everyday life and subsequently to transmit the teachings.
The intensive Teacher training will provide you with practical and spiritual tools to be able to experience and practice Tantra in your daily life, because only in this way can it become part of your life, uniting hearts and souls in a conscious dimension of love and acceptance towards yourself and others regardless of gender, social status, physical appearance and sexual preference.

TYTT will make you understand the depths of Tantra yoga as an ancient and authentic, current and revolutionary practice !.
The methodology and philosophy of the transmission of the teachings is simple and direct. First of all the ancient and modern philosophy, the study of ancient texts, the Sanskrit language will be transmitted, passing through the practice of each sequence and each asana. Afterwards the transmission of the teaching methodology, the art and science of tantra will begin yoga of a practice accessible to all. Our training is suitable for those who want to become traditional Tantra yoga teachers, for those who are already yoga teachers and who want to deepen their knowledge or for students who want to study and understand more about their practice. Through our shared dedication and collaboration, time, energy, passion, authenticity and purity of purpose we will provide you with the necessary tools for an infinite and long-lasting journey with tantra yoga.

Yoga Alliance ® international 200 HR - Tantric Yoga Teacher qualification
20 days of intensive Tantra yoga study
Tri-Dosha balancing: the practice of āsana of Tantra yoga.
Prāṇāyāma, bandha and vyāyāma lessons (support practice)
Daily Ayurvedic walking massage instructions and guided practice (reception and donation) - 45 minutes a day
Devi Puja weekly evening: tantric mantra, mudras, offerings and meditation.
Twice a week: Tantric Mantra and Meditation night / with introduction to the Sanskrit language.
Lessons dedicated to teacher psychology and sociology to understand students and their personal growth in relation to Tantric Yoga; spiritual cultures of the world; modern understanding of tantra / yoga and traditional Indian philosophy. tantric / yoga (Trika, kuṇḍalinī, etc.), lifestyle and ethics, āsana theory, anatomy and physiology and teaching methodology

Certification and Diploma

Upon completion of the training, after passing the final exam, the DEVI TANTRA school of Tantra Yoga and Tantrism RYS 200 recognized by YOGA ALLIANCE will be issued in order to carry out the activity recognized by our school. After becoming a member of YOGA ALLIANCE you can be an internationally certified yoga teacher.

The Masters of Training

During the Training our Masters will take turns to integrate the various techniques and practices, to be able to transmit to the students the wisdom and philosophy of Tantra yoga and traditional yoga, to understand the difference between the various lineages between the path of Tantrism and that of yoga, between the Vedas and the Agama, between tantric and yogic philosophy. The complete and detailed didactic program of the 20 days is described in the SYLLABUS of the Teacher training, which will be sent to the students.

Reservations and Information

To book the training it is necessary to send an e-mail to

applying for admission to the TYTT teacher training in India.

You will be sent an admission form to be sent back filled in with your data.

After 3 days you will be notified of the admission response to the training.


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