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Devi Tantra yoga is the first and only Italian school of traditional Indian Tantrism of the Kaula and Sakta lineages, founded by Maya Swati Devi in ​​2007 and certified YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL. Maya Swati Devi is yogini, Master of Tantrism and Tantra yoga, Certified YACEP YOGA ALLIANCE Teacher, Author of the book "THE TANTRIC DANCER" Ed. Mir 2016.

She writes and collaborates with YOGA JOURNAL, keeping the periodical column "TANTRA: La sacra Via" .

The DEVI TANTRA YOGA school follows the PRINCIPLES of the Indian Tantric Way and the traditional teachings of our Indian GURU. DEVI TANTRA YOGA is headquartered in Milan and India, with authorized offices in Italy. CLICK HERE Tantra is a spiritual path of liberation and reintegration with the absolute that follows any path, form, practice or expression of this "Whole" of which man is only a spark, a small representation of the Universe and the divine. Tantrism is the set of spiritual teachings, ritual methods, meditative practices and yogic and bodily techniques with which the introspective mental skills are refined, reaching full control over the body, word and mind and obtaining the purification of energies internal and physical and mental building blocks: through this subtle change the practitioner transmutes and evolves realizing his essential and innate nature which is indestructible and pure like diamond.

Tantrism teaches us to free ourselves from fake programs and stereotypes, to accept life in all its fullness by awakening all human and cosmic energies.


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It means making daily life sacred, transforming consciousness, starting from the body, its vehicle, to immerse it in the Spirit. To transcend the illusion of reality, to master all aspects of our totality, the material ones as the more subtle ones, means to go beyond the instincts and the Ego, without condemning or abandoning them but sublimating them, channeling them and directing them upwards, using them as means to get to understand the Spirit, as they are also a manifestation of it.


Maya Swati Devi

REGISTRATION OPEN for the academic year 2020-21


The Higher Education School is structured in 3 LEVELS, which can be completed in three or more years. It is not necessary to complete all three levels, but it is possible to attend only the first level and to reach a personal knowledge of the via Tantrica. Those who wish to become Tantrika in life, follow Tantrism as a way for personal evolution,




Dal 2 Ottobre 2020

Un training LIVE & ONLINE pensato per coloro che desiderano connettersi alla propria Dea interiore e divenire le Yogini di se stesse!
Un viaggio alle origini del Tantrismo indiano e dell’espressione suprema del Divino femminile attraverso gli āsana del Tantra Yoga tradizionale, anticamente praticati e diffusi dalle Yoginī e le danze sacre anticamente trasmesse dalle Devadāsī nei templi indiani.


Evento Online -Ottobre 2020

Il Serpente ha una profonda associazione con il Tantra e molte tradizioni mistiche alchemiche. È un simbolo di potere (vera conoscenza) e trasformazione. Spesso Desideriamo incarnare la nostra natura radiosa, cavalcare il serpente e risvegliarci nella verità. 


Online Academy


A RELOVUTION in the Kali Yuga Era!

The only online training in Italy of traditional Tantrism and Tantra yoga.

An opportunity for learning and evolution over time SUSPENDED that we are experiencing, an opportunity for inner and spiritual growth.

The DTY ACADEMY will be structured with lessons held by Maya Swati Devi, DTY certified Teachers and Researchers, invited Masters.








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