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ONLINE lessons with Maya Swati Devi

During the CORONA VIRUS period, the teacher Maya Swati Devi expressed her willingness to offer online lessons, consultations and sessions of Tantrism and Tantra yoga.

This is to help people in a particularly delicate and transition period like what we are experiencing and to help them in their spiritual growth.


Tantrism and Tantra yoga lessons teach us the development of presence and listening in life.
The techniques that are taught are simple and effective; they can be practiced by anyone and become part of everyday life without sacrifices or inconvenience of any kind.
The lessons are planned together, keeping in mind the deep motivations of each person, their learning rhythms and their time.

ONLINE lessons are aimed at singles and couples.
The path for singles is addressed to those who feel the need to embark on a spiritual journey starting exclusively from themselves; that for couples, on the other hand, to lovers who intend to integrate or deepen the spiritual dimension together.



At this moment Tantrism teaches us, more than any other spiritual way, the way to transformation, the transmutation of fear into love, of hatred into compassion, of anxiety to supreme bliss, from stress to detachment and above all teaches us l art of SURRENDER (surrender), understood as the acceptance of events and observation with detachment of reality.
The supreme reality is not what we see, it is not what they make us see, it is not what we perceive with our filters of unconscious fears and programs, the supreme Reality is UNCONTAMINATED by any form of mental or physical Virus, the supreme reality or SAT CHIT ANANDA is the consciousness of the divine itself.
Tantrism teaches us to transmute everything that comes into our lives into GOLD, in truth and conscience. This for many can be an opportunity for great growth or a slow death towards unconsciousness.
The soul of the human being is capable of great internal transformations and of evolving by passing first through the SACRED FIRE of transmutation.
The spiritual revolution in the world is already underway, it is up to you to continue your sadhana, intensify your commitment to self-knowledge and self-consciousness.



Online lessons can be followed with zoom, https: //
Skype - with account
Alternatively video call on Whatsaap (on request for the less technological).

Once payment is received, you will be given instructions to connect with Maya Swati Devi in ​​streaming.



Lesson, consultations or private sessions for individuals or couples:

- € 54.00 for 60 min.
- € 72.00 for 75 min.
€ 227.00 (Each lesson is 75 min.)


Weekly group lessons

Group lesson (min. 6 people) 75 min. PROCEED TO PAYMENT

€ 27.00 per person.

-CARNET 5 group LESSONS € 108.00.


WEEKLY LESSONS LINKS with Master Maya Swati Devi:

Monday 18.30-19.45

Wednesday 18.30-19.45


*** SPECIAL fees for students and DTY members **



The reservation must be received at least 24 before the online connection and must be communicated to

To book it is necessary to proceed with the payment through PAYPAL.


Kiran, from DTY Italia can assist you during the booking at 392 6002523


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