PRESENTATION of Maya swati Devi, Author


From my two great passions, Tantrism and Indian Dance, a book is born, a story of the heart written in poetic form as a dialogue that is born within me and expands infinitely. Dance and Tantrism are two ways that I have followed from an early age and that have guided every step and choice in my life. Tantrism is a FEMALE WAY and this is my homage to the Great Goddess.

My intent is to narrate my personal and real experience "on the path of Tantra and Dance" in a magical and spiritual land, as it appeared to me the first time I placed my foot on its soil: INDIA.

This book is not autobiographical but narrative and reflects the evolutionary path that brought me closer to the Supreme Śakti manifesting itself in its various forms.

An inner journey that led me to interact with many ancient souls, friends, teachers, researchers or simple life companions. Fundamental for me was the research based on my body, which I have traveled from an early age through dance and yoga, which over the years has allowed me to become a "dancing Yoginī" thanks to the teaching of great masters spiritual and some of the purest dancers in India.

The spiritual researches that I have undertaken have brought me to the knowledge of the great mother and to live it intensely through direct experience and intimate listening of my body until I was able to transform, like an alchemist, the metal into gold, the main concepts of a ancient way of knowledge such as Tantra and the devotional way in pure and mystical dance.

This book is a path of inner spiritual research that has lasted for almost twenty years, perhaps from the first moment I placed my foot on this earth, reincarnated in a woman's body, an unfinished path that comes from past lives.

My intent is to share with the reader the evolution that took place in my "Self" through the truth of a spiritual way as deep and complex as Tantrism and the mystical and pure dance that leads to union with the divine.

A journey through the deeper nature of things, which are intertwined with the lives of the many ancient souls that I have met on this earth.

Fragments of experiences, brushstrokes of life stand out on a white canvas that still today and in every day of my life is waiting to be completed and painted by my choices and actions.

This is the way I have chosen to communicate with the divine, the way of supreme wisdom, the upheaval of ordinary reality, in which pure and impure, asceticism and carnal union come together in a non-dual embrace to represent the absolute that is in we.

A way that fills my heart in this earthly life and that beyond death.

The historical research was curated by the dancer of Oḍissī Lucrezia Ottoboni, a dancing soul that I met and found in this life, who will explore the meaning of the great Mother and her ten cosmic forces: the Daśa Mahāvidyā, the Yoginī and the places related to the cult of the divine feminine.



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