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Maya Swati Devi


Teacher of Tantrism and traditional Tantra yoga, Yogini, Dancer and Teacher of Indian and Mystical Dances.

She is the author of the autobiographical and research book on Tantrism "LA DANZATRICE TANTRICA" MIR editions, released in 2016.

Maya is a CERTIFIED TRADITIONAL TANTRA YOGA TEACHER, 500 HR  Yoga Alliance  and YACEP, continuing education teacher.



Maya was initiated into Kaula Way Tantrism in 2000 in India by her first Master Swami Anand Guptananda and in 2007 she is Tantra Teacher and recognized pupil of her second Indian Tantric Master Swami Eswaran who spreads the tradition of SAKTA Tantrism of the living goddess "Living goddess tradition ", the highest form of Tantra of the Indian tradition.

Since 2007, the year of her return to Italy from abroad, Maya founded DEVI TANTRA YOGA in Milan, the first Italian school of IINDIAN TANTRISM Kaula and Sakta and TRADITIONAL TANTRA YOGA certified Yoga alliance.  In addition to courses on the Divine Feminine and Mystical and meditative Dances, DTY spreads the teachings of tradition through annual Training, Courses, individual and group courses, residential internships, travels and meditation retreats in India.

Maya in addition to following a spiritual path for a long time dances from the age of 8 experimenting various expressions of Indian and mystical dance. She is a dancer and teacher of meditative dances, DEVI DANCE ® the dance of the inner goddess, Gypsy dances of Rajasthan and Kalbeliya, Indian semi-classical dance, Sufi dance and Sacred Dances.

It is committed to transmitting the tradition of the INDIAN TANTRA through courses, throughout Italy and  Abroad and is one of the few Western Tantra teachers invited to give seminars in India.


ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, HINDI (spoken), Sanskrit (Yoga and Tantra knowledge).

The story of Maya

The name Maya Swati Devi was given to her by her Tantric Master Swami Guptananda (in 2000) after initiation into Tantrism Kaula (the name means she  that removes the veil from illusion and shows you the reality), was born in Tuscany, Italy.

From an early age she had a great interest in oriental philosophies, religions and white magic; a sensitivity handed down by her grandmother of Spanish-Gypsy origins, a great psychic and tarot reader
  and hand. At the age of 14 he discovers the book that will mark his history and connection with India: the Bhagavad Gita, bought by a group of Hare Krishna from Florence.

In 1996 she meets her "Taoist Master" who introduces her to the VIA, Zen meditation, Taoism, The TAO of love, the reading of the I-Ching and Tai Chi and has the
  first approach with the TANTRA through reading of texts and books.

In 1998
  she moves to London for work and follows the courses for holistic operator  at the "School of Holistic Aromatheraphy".
Right in London he also meets
  another important Master for his personal growth who bases his teachings on the principles of nature, practices and natural nutrition.
Maya follows the seminars of
  Vegan-macrobiotic nutrition, natural health philosophy, natural practices, reflexology, emotions, femininity, Archetypes, Fears, Relationships and fasting and becomes the organizer of seminars and conferences of her own Master  in England.
  REBIRTHING courses by Diana Roberts and Sondra Ray and studies NUMEROLOGY.
She will become a Hindu, follower of Babaji Shiva Mahavatar and devotee of Shiva and set out on a journey of awareness to India.
In 1999 Maya went to India to embark on a journey of awareness
  arriving at the borders of the Himalayas where she will meet her first Tantric Master SRI ANAND GUPATANANDA and where she will be initiated into the ancient tradition of Kaula Tantrism  of the union of Shiva and Shakti. He will stay in India for more than a year and a half.

Maya lives abroad for a long time and in different cities including: London, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, New York and India.
Returning from her stays abroad, she settled in Milan in 2007 and founded the first school of traditional Tantrism and Tantra yoga in Italy.
At the beginning she collaborated with various associations that unfortunately let her know the reality of Tantra in Italy and in Europe which is mistaken for a surrogate for sex, especially as regards the tantric massage and therefore decides to promote only her work, its principles and what he really believes.
Motivated by making known the true meaning of Tantra she begins to teach and spread what she has learned along the way and to carry out internships throughout Italy and Europe.

In December 2007 she met the Master of the Shakta tradition SWAMI SHI PARAM ESWARAN, in Tamil Nadu and began with him a Tantra training in India at IFC Mahavidya becoming a student and promoter of the Master in Italy.
In August 2008 he completes the
  advanced tantra teacher training with Eswaran teacher  in India and begins to collaborate with the ANAND UTSAV center in Ahmedabad where she conducts stages of Tantra and meditative dance.


Between 2008 and 2009 she met the professor and writer of SANSCRIT and TANTRISM SHIVAITA and KASHMIRO Mark Dickzkowsky (Author of "The doctrine of vibration") and became his student and organizer of his seminars in Milan.


Since 2009 he has participated in the largest YOGA events in Italy (Yoga festival) and abroad (Yoga festival in Rishikesh) spreading Tantrism and Indian dance.

Maya from the age of 8 experimented with various forms of dance that accompany her in her life. In fact she becomes a Kathak dancer (Indian classical dance), Indian Dances of Rajasthan, Sacred Sufi Dances, Indian Temple Dances. She is an internationally recognized dancer, choreographer and artistic director of dance and music festivals and events. Maya collaborates with Indian tourism organizations, the Indian consulate in Milan and the Indian Embassy in Italy and has performed in front of great personalities in her career: Maharana of Udaipur, Italian Ambassador to India, Indian Consul, director of incredible India, Maharaja del Ladhak , Maharani of Jaipur and was one of the few dancers to perform for AMMA (Amritanandamayi) in her Italian program.
Maya has always traveled extensively in the East  but it always remains very tied to India and its Masters, continuing its path of evolution  staff with frequent trips to  Indian ashrams and to visit the places of tantra, Hindu temples and pay homage to Devi.  

Maya has been vegan since the age of 20 and uses natural methods and herbs to keep body and mind healthy according to the principles of nature.


Since 2019 Maya has lived between Sicily, India and the Maldives.

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giulia borioli

Director of Yoga Festival

"The first impression one gets of Maya, meeting her for the first time, is that she has more than one life to tell. Her walk, harmonious and decisive, her proud, almost warrior bearing seem to tell of many existences: dancer, yogini, tantric, there are many aspects of Indian art and thought on which he worked for many years.  So I was not surprised that she decided to put down her personal experiences in this life, experiences that concern her being a woman, her feminine energy, the value of the feminine but that has nothing to do with that sort of seduction. so fashionable today and practiced by many women looking for something. His passion for Yoga and Tantric thinking is contagious, it draws you into a spicy and poetic world that is hard to resist. Maya is a true teacher: she has learned from true teachers what she knows, following a deep and never finished initiatory path: she loves to pass on to those who love to learn, she takes seriously every opportunity to teach, try, experiment, take risks. And this book is a follow Maya in her life and in her knowledge, a journey that can also awaken that inner Goddess that she sees in all of us, protagonists in the world ".

roberto milletti

Founder of Odaka Yoga

"Its value is to fix one's own experience in words. Lived as an experiential practice translates into words that express beauty, poetry, looking for the implied message and not the one explained. Maya Devi, a woman, a Yogini, a dancer, whose form finds its rightful place after the essential has been grasped. Nothing needs to be explained when you observe Maya expressing herself with the musical instrument par excellence, the body. I am happy and honored to have been invited to write this preface which has flowed suddenly accompanied by the unmistakable notes of the music of the soul, your Maya Devi music ".

guido gabrielli

Director of Yoga Journal Italia

"Maya Swati Devi, teacher of Tantra Yoga, is a strong supporter of the modernity of the tantric approach to life. Not for the easy popular illusion linked to tantric sex, but for its profound meaning of total adherence to life in all its manifestations , physical and spiritual. She herself says: Nothing is more magnificently creative and meditative than a sacred act of love. In that moment we understand that we are not alone and that we are one with the macrocosm "

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