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Tantric Abhisheka
The initiation into the Tantric way


In the traditional Tantric way there are THREE fundamental INITIATIONS and other 5 subsequent ones called ABHISHEKA.

Abhisheka or Abhishekam ( Devanagari : अभिषेक abhiṣeka) is a word in Sanskrit language which means ritual of passage which is a prelude, a key to access, a door to mystical and alchemical teachings.

The initiations cannot be made public or disclosed to people who do not belong to the sadhakas who follow the Tantric path.

This is to protect the teachings that have been passed on for centuries since  Guru to Pupil / a.

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The personified "Word" or the Power of the Master gives initiation, no matter where the Master is at that time. Whether the Master is very near or far overseas, his Power always works.

At the moment of initiation the Master takes up residence in the Third Eye of the initiate and provides for him for the future. Aspirants who are sincere and receptive during initiation have an authentic inner spiritual experience (there is a difference between psychic and spiritual) in which the third eye and the inner ear are opened to hear the Voice of the divine, the Creative sound of the afterlife.

Occasionally the aspirant may feel for one reason or another that the initial experience is insufficient. The causes can be over-arousal and the inability to perceive the more subtle experiences granted according to his past. However, in due course, this individual receives an exhilarating experience that erases any sense of lack that may still exist. From the moment of initiation the Power of the Master guides and protects us, even as we move in the world and beyond.

The instructions in the esoteric teachings concern the exposition of Simran, Dhyan and Bhajan, ie repetition (mental, only with the language of thought) of words charged with the power of the Master; concentration or meditation (Passing the consciousness or gaze to the center of the eyebrows); and union of the spirit through an initiate  or Sadhaka.

As soon as the sadhaka (spiritual adept) is able to transcend the physical and psychic body, the radiant form of the Master (Guru Dev) appears in the astral plane. It becomes a guiding force for the spirit on the journey to the spiritual realms; brings him back to the true House of the Divine (In the divine form of Shiva and Shakti Ardhanariswara). the Master-spirit never abandons the soul, on the contrary he helps and directs it continuously, visibly or not, directly or not, in this life and in that one according to the needs of the moment.

With initiation and sadhna or spiritual practice, we gradually become aware of our defects and try to transform them: the more we purify ourselves, mentally and physically, the more we grow in divine life. As the layers fall, the true values of life become more and more evident. The spirit gradually frees itself from the shackles of the world and is allowed to transcend the physical body, to rise into the higher regions. Later, "he does not pursue the flesh, but the spirit." He lives in the world but no longer belongs to it. Now it vanishes into the

bliss of the highest spiritual regions and not in the pleasures of the senses. The gift of Naam or Word comes only from a Master Soul who, by injecting the impulse of life, favors an initiate on the spiritual journey.


The extent and speed of progress, however, depend on one's individual path, on the terrain on which it is located and on the set preparation. in previous lives. Everyone has a different past and therefore has their own starting point. The seeds are scattered but their germination, development and growth depend on the nature of the soil in which they are planted.

Everyone needs their own time for flowering. The dormant spiritual faculties begin to revive and the initiate feels within him a sort of fullness, contentment, bliss. It is an everlasting and indestructible gift, it cannot be stolen or canceled. The seed of spirituality, once germinated in the hidden depths of the soul, should germinate in the fullness of time.

No power on earth can stand in the way of its growth or stifle it in any way. The initiate of a competent Master has ensured, once and for all, his own liberation from the bondage of mind and matter: it is only a matter of time. The seed of spirituality generated in him must germinate and bear fruit. When spirituality awakens and spiritual experience is obtained.

Man is so enmeshed or ensnared by the mind and outward faculties that he can

to complete his liberation only with perseverance.

Similarly, the soul has become so bound to the body and senses that it attaches itself to external things and does not wish to free itself from them. He does not yearn to fly out of the door opened by the Master at the time of Initiation, upon whose threshold he patiently waits for his radiant Form to receive the child disciple. The true state of disciple does not begin until one transcends physical consciousness.

From this point, the disciple will feel not only comfort, but will begin to experience the joy and bliss that make him in the Hereafter. He will have as his companion the enchanting radiant Form of the Master, always close to learning that guide which is indispensable to avoid the pitfalls on the way.

Until this point is reached, the disciple is "on trial," but that trial cannot be stopped. During this testing period the soul will feel some discomfort. It has become so tarnished with the filth of the senses that it loses the original purity of the heart and is not ready to rise out of the prison of the body. Although the door has been opened, the soul is so attached to the things of the external world that it does not wish to free itself from it.

The loving Master tries to avoid any possible discomfort to the child disciple by explaining what are the vices to avoid and the virtues to be developed in order to regain possession of the lost purity. Unfortunately, more often than not, the Master's words do not penetrate and the disciple does little or nothing to correct his ways. Therefore the Power of the Master must take more resolute measures to make the disciple understand the importance of verbal truths.

From this derives the discomfort that is sometimes felt in daily life. If the teachings of the Master were implicitly implemented, all difficulties and inconveniences would vanish.

Those who do not harbor falsehoods in their hearts not only enjoy the privilege of the divine's preparations to meet the Guru, but are able to benefit from that encounter. The best mental attitude is to serve with sincerity and humility, ever greater humility. Then the Guru will come by himself.

Just be honest and true with your self. The divine has sent you to the right place and is the giver.

the importance of initiation

The initiation of a  Living Master ensures an escort to the unknown realms by those who are Himself a frequent traveler to those regions. He knows the deities or powers that preside over those planes, leads the spirit step by step, advises at every turn and curve of the path, warns against the dangers latent in every place, explains in detail everything one wishes to know. He is the teacher on all levels of existence: a Guru on the earth plane, a Guru Dev (astral radiant form) in the astral worlds and a Satguru in the purely spiritual regions. When everyone fails in this life, at one stage or another, His long, strong arm is always ready to help us, both when we are here and when we leave the earth plane. He accompanies the spirit into the afterlife.


Article inspired by a speech by Babaji Shiva Mahavatar. Reproduction without mentioning the source and Credits to Maya Swati Devi is prohibited.

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