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Testimonials on Devi Tantra yoga e

Maya Swati Devi



“You are a spirit that generated the necessary conditions to live in the material world, to recognize yourself and to find your way home. Your display power is your true transformation power.
Your visionary skills and your creativity act in your unconscious very deeply, and have the ability to change the usual "map" of your existence. Don't judge, don't think, play a little girl's game and you will find the key to "heal" the woman ".

Sri Anand Guptananda (First Master of Maya Swati Devi)


"The most sacred journey of a Tantrika is to go within and seek to enjoy union of Shiva and Sakthi. Not seeking to worship some outer God / Goddess, planets or element, but to find all of them within.
Congratulations my divine Maya Swati Devi , you have come a long way in the last 10 years. You are indeed a real student of life.

You are one of the few who never forget that once a student and teacher meet it is a bond for life that is second only to that of one's biological mother and father. Matha Pitha Guru Deivam "is a very popular adage or phrase in Sanskrit language and often quoted in Hinduism. Translated word for word, it is, "Mother Father Teacher God".
You will always remain my student in this life, the one before and the one after, should there be another

People come and go but real students who know the meaning of receiving keep staying without needs. The is the beauty of our relationship. Though we Even far away you never stopped loving me or speaking highly about the work that I do. That is a sign of real love. "

Swami Shri Param Eswaran (Second Master of Maya Swati Devi)


"Maya Swati Devi, Tantra Yoga teacher, is a strong supporter of the modernity of the tantric approach to life. Not for the easy popular illusion linked to tantric sex, but for its profound meaning of total adherence to life in all its manifestations physical and spiritual. She herself says: Nothing is more magnificently creative and meditative than a sacred act of love. At that moment we understand that we are not alone and that we are one with the macrocosm "

G. Gabrielli, Director of Yoga Journal Italy.


"The first impression one has of Maya, meeting her for the first time, is that she has more than one life to tell. Her walk, harmonious and decisive, the proud, almost warrior bearing seem to tell of many existences: dancer, yogini, tantric, there are many aspects of Indian art and thought on which he has worked for many years. It did not surprise me therefore that he decided to put his personal experiences in this life on black, experiences that concern his being a woman, her feminine energy, the feminine value but that has nothing to do with that sort of seduction so fashionable today and practiced by many women looking for something. Her passion for Yoga and tantric thought is contagious, it drags in a spicy and poetic world that is hard to resist. Maya is a true teacher: she has learned what she knows from true teachers, following a deep and never finished initiatory path: she loves to transmit to those who love learning ere takes every opportunity seriously to teach, try, experiment, risk. And this book is a follow of Maya in her life and knowledge, a journey that can also awaken that inner Goddess that she sees in all of us, protagonists in the world ".

GIULIA BORIOLI Director of Yoga Festival Italia


"Its value is to fix one's own experience in words. Experience as an experiential practice translates into words that express beauty, poetry, looking for the message involved and not the one explained. Maya Devi, a woman, a Yogini, a dancer, whose shape finds its right place after the essential has been stolen. Nothing needs to be explained when you watch Maya express herself with the musical instrument par excellence, the body. I am happy and honored to have been invited to write this preface that has flowed straight away accompanied by the unmistakable notes of soul music, your Maya Devi music ".
Roberto Milletti-Odaka Yoga Founder


The great spiritual strength of Māyā, the devotion that permeates every action, every single breath.

This strength accompanied Maya on her traditional Indian journey, giving her a profound knowledge of spiritual and esoteric subjects and an uncommon simplicity in transmitting teaching to students. The welcoming and affectionate approach with which she faces every aspect of her life derives from her sādhana, the spiritual practice, the mystical research that has accompanied her and will always accompany her life and lived in first person by Māyā Devī.

Lucrezia Ottoboni- Indologist and dancer of Odissi Dance


THE DTY TEAM says about Maya:

Maya is a generous and authentic teacher, who gives all of herself in sharing what she has followed in her path. Not everyone is ready to accept his direct language, but if a person is ready to put aside his ego, Maya is able to give the teachings for his own evolution as human and divine beings. In almost seven years I have changed a lot thanks to the teachings he has given me. His engaging energy and enthusiasm for life have been and still are an example for me. I am grateful to the Great Mother who allowed us to meet in this life! Om shanti!

Jyotika Kamala Devi, Student since 2010, Team DTY


The female way of the great mother of the Shakta tradition is transmitted by Maya with her original personality and with practice she embodies the game of overcoming opposites: seriousness and playfulness, delicacy and strength, firmness and dynamism. Following the Tantric way has allowed me to realign myself with my inner truth, and a rapid and continuous inner and outer transformation. It has enriched my personal Yoga practice with meaning, which over the years has developed through different styles: from Asthtanga Vinyasa Yoga and then as a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

I am happy and honored to be part of the Devi Tantra Yoga team and to be able to serve the Great Mother through the dissemination of Tantric teachings.

Carlotta Hinna (Padmini Devi), Student since 2008, Shaktyoga club Ancona and DTY Team


"Who are you?".

I will never forget this question in one of Maya Swati Devi's seminars. Work of great recovery of the truth about ourselves, research of everything that does not belong to us, of all the cages that imprison us, models that are transmitted to us and imposed on how to live our nature.

An indispensable path for both men and women. For the latter, as a woman, I feel I can say from personal experience that she is particularly so. It is necessary to start from the acceptance of one's femininity, often lived in a distorted way, through the eyes of others, of their judgments and prejudices, prohibitions and permits.

Beautiful work by Maya, in this sense, in her all-female paths: recovering her strength, her personal power, self-esteem, self-confidence was rediscovering the feeling, consciously reconnecting with the body, with instinctual energies, with emotions, feelings, desires, sexuality.

Sexuality burdened by many blocks, fears, emotions. There is almost nothing spontaneous in it, we forget that it is an energy naturally present in our body and in Tantrism we find it as another equally fundamental component of our being 'human', but above all we rediscover it as a source of a very strong energy that, if liberated and lived freely, becomes the means for the most sacred journey that our soul can undertake: living the matter to go beyond the matter, a bridge between matter and spirit.

Thanks Maya for this journey, in your teachings nothing is denied, rejected, repressed, but life in all its forms is accepted and recognized! In you I found a dimension where there is attention and "care" of the human being as a whole - soul and body - to achieve a fullness and serenity that I would never have thought possible and that only the awakening of love within us - love towards the whole event - can give.

Shalini Devi, Palermo, Student since 2013, DTY team




Namaste Maya, thank you for opening the doors of an ancient culture, showing it alive and current. For sharing it with us, even before teaching it, and for always sitting by our side, and never above it. Sincerely.

Alessandro, Milan, Student since 2016


An immense thank you to Maya and the gifts she has transmitted to me with her teachings, through the school of tantrism.

The sure thing is that during all the teaching time Maya has an open heart, ready to give all her knowledge and share her experience in the path of tantrism that she has chosen. In addition, it is also widely available outside of actual teaching hours.

The teachings are transmitted in a very ethical, healthy and direct way.

It is truly an authentic way.

The school of tantrism and meeting Maya was certainly important for me since I was looking for a female guide and so I came to assert myself as an individual and above all as a woman. Obviously it is a daily job, but now I am sure I have valid and functional tools to apply. Thanks again. Always in my heart,

Cristina, Ancona, Student since 2016


Maya cannot be described. We must meet her. It gives off a charismatic, dense, full energy. A calm, serene force.

He moves and teaches naturally in every situation, entering twirling, as in a dance.

Empatica with each student is always available to listen.

Elisabetta, Ancona


I met Maya Swati Devi in ​​2015, after a life of research in yoga I recognized an authentic tantric teaching, with the vibration of something original. Consistent with the Mayan tradition, it embodies its teaching in life and spreads it with total dedication, directly and accurately.

Millenary practices that resonate internally and accompany you on the path of Yoga without filters and manipulations.

Donatella Devadarsi, Como, student since 2015


Continuity with traditional teachings was what I had been looking for for a long time, so when I met my DTY school
interest started immediately. In truth, simplicity and love (as the intent of communication in the school 'states') I must say that i
first encounters with Maya were decidedly unsettling: a set of stimuli, conflicting, which I could not catalog on a single shelf
Mental: I found myself simultaneously fascinated, annoyed, interested, perplexed, with the feeling of
having found what I was looking for and on the contrary with what I had in front of me had nothing to do with it.

Well, I stayed and today I am extremely grateful for that part of me that put the mind aside and chose "despite". I find myself so in
an exciting journey in which my relationship with the components of the School, with Maya, with the children continually grows and transforms
teachings and with my daily life itself, in a way that, fortunately, does not stop being unpredictable and
incatalogabile ;, simply to be experienced and experienced "

Tilù, Val D'Aosta, Student since 2016



The days in Milan spent at school are intense and rich and the effect continues in the following days.

The practices we have done to sacred sexuality, the yoni healing, led by you has been a very powerful experience, working with female energy from a sense of universality, the world will be better the more female energy will return to being what it was in certain matriarchal societies.

Let's say that I still don't feel ready to go alone.

Many things are changing in my life and many still have to change, although sometimes I have some anxiety, I realize that I have to do calmly to find inner peace.

When this condition of fusion of energies of trust is created on stage, magical moments are created.

Sometimes the work to be done on myself is painful, slow. I don't always let go.

Thanks Maya for all your time.

Serenella, Ancona, student since 2017




Dear Maya,

I thank you for taking the time yesterday at lunchtime. I would like to update you briefly on the things that happened after the SACRED RELATIONS Tantric Seminar of 10 March 2018 in Ancona.

I came to the seminar crawling on the ground. I was very tired and downcast after a very heavy year both emotionally, physically and mentally. I made a number of bad investments trusting false friends. I also placed my heart badly, and after two years I had to hurry away from his house, because the predator would have eaten all my life energy, as well as money.

I arrived with the strong anxiety, I suffered from panic attacks, so I got up at night and I could not fall asleep. I was alone, very worried, single, I felt more vulnerable than ever. At the same time I had the desire for a relationship, finally a beautiful nourishing passionate story with a mature partner who can make me feel loved, happy and desired again.

This wish I had expressed at the beginning of our lesson. Then in these two days of seminar I experienced a deep journey and a great inner earthquake. I think the cathartic moment was when I "gave birth" in front of everyone. With all my pain and fear. With a cry of liberation.

Congratulations on your book. I started reading it yesterday immediately. It is written with such frankness, dedication and passion. You really make a difference in the lives of others! Best wishes and THANK YOU for everything you had given me! I carry you with me in my Heart. Namaste!

Isabela, Sacred Relationships, Ancona, March 2018



Hi Maya, we wanted to thank you for the course .. For us it was a new experience .. It was like peeking through a keyhole in a garden full of shapes and colors .. We knew a lot of things in a short time, but above all we discovered that there are a lot of things we didn't know existed. Surely as a path together it has served us to carve out a space for us ex to try to grow together as people and as a couple. In life together it has given us beautiful emotions .. I just say that evening I asked in between, but how many orgasms will I have had 20? but no Mari many many more

He made us discover ways of uniting unexpected, new, for example we have kept Shiva's conscience or we have done several "exercises" among those recommended ... in short, we really liked this new way of uniting, also because it allowed us to stay united for much longer than usual.

We thank you for the small journey together and we hope to continue it even in small steps at a time. Thanks also to all travel companions! A big hug

Azzurra and Francesco, Participants in the sacred sexuality stage in Ancona, April 2018





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