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Traditional Tantra Yoga


Kaula tradition


Tantric yoga is yoga par excellence and has a unitary but polar cosmological vision in the basic vision where everything is "One".

The tradition of Tantra Yoga was founded by Sadashiva, in eastern India, more than seven thousand years ago. Shiva is the mythical initiator, the primordial figure of the yogi, a being suspended between Earth and Heaven, Master in whom the Divine is incarnated to give shape to the World, the founder of customs, love, music, art and tantric yoga.

In the practice of Tantra yoga the "divine breath" is felt. It is perceived as a tingling or vibration under the skin. A vibration that becomes more and more profound and subtle as the psychophysical blocks are dissolved through the asanas and the practice of meditation.

The perception of the effervescence of sexual energy can produce what is called "RIDING THE TIGER" and can only arise from freedom and inner truth. The tantric does not seek pleasure, but is surprised by it. With the soul of the child, or of the artist, he discovers the beauty of a sound, of a color, of the flight of a bird and is amazed with amused detachment. Probably the dance and the bodies of the dancers are so frequent in the pictorial representations, in the sculptures and in the Tantric symbolism because they make visible the invisible, that divine caress that touches the body and heart of the yogi in the state of Ananda, in every moment of his existence. .

The traces of an ancient female wisdom, origin of yogic practices, can be read in the sacred scriptures, in the biographies of the masters and in the operative techniques.


Tantra yoga differs from traditional yoga in its freedom and universality qualities sought after by modern minds.Tantra yoga remains one of the least understood yoga teachings in the West.

Tantra can be defined as an energetic and spiritual approach that uses various techniques such as Mantra, pranayama, meditation and rituals and implies a devotional approach that emphasizes the worship of the god and goddess. It contains a path of knowledge that leads to the realization of the self and the absolute.Tantra Yoga does not deal with the physical body and mind in their ordinary state but aims to bring them to a state of stillness so that they no longer hinder the consciousness of the Self. the only dimension that can free us.

"Where there is an abundance of enjoyment what is the use of talking about yoga and where there is yoga there is no enjoyment but the Kaula rejoices in both". Maharnirvana Tantra.



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