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Maya Swati Devi tantric yoga

Devi Tantra yoga courses calendar 2020




Appointments in Italy

March 28, 2020
Master classes of traditional yoga tantra
"Divine initiation" introductory meeting CLICK HERE


Dating abroad


MARSEILLE, France 21-22 March 2020

Stage on the Sacred Touch ritual and traditional Tantrism.


Tantric yoga teacher Training RYS 200 in India


GOA, India- December / January 2020 INFO HERE


Higher Education School of Tantrism and Tantra yoga in Milan 2019/20


- Dates 1st level 2019/20 MILAN
First meeting October 2010

3rd MEETING: MILAN 8 February 2020
4th MEETING: INTENSIVE RETREAT IN NATURE (Liguria) 11-12-13 April 2020 (FULL WEEKEND in nature)
5th MEETING - MILAN 30 May 2020
-SICILY 4-5 July 2020-INITIATORY WEEKEND: Initiation ceremony in a place surrounded by the nature of Sicily. Followed by the TANTRIC HOLIDAY from 5 to 11 July 2020 (Not mandatory but recommended).



Dates 3rd level 2019/20 MILAN

First meeting October 2019


2nd MILAN MEETING: Sunday 9 February 2020

3rd MEETING MILAN: Sunday 31 May 2020

4th MEETING: 4-11 July 2020- "SAKTIPAT" initiatory retreat in Sicily. The direct transmission from Master to student will be donated during the intensive retreat in Sicily in July 2020.

*** The third level is open only to those who have already completed the other two levels of the training school.


Intensive weekend of Tantrism and Tantra yoga Ancona 2020


-Saturday 16-17 May 2020-Maya Swati Devi



India tour & retreat







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