Devi Tantra yoga courses calendar 2020




Appointments in Italy

March 28, 2020
Master classes of traditional yoga tantra
"Divine initiation" introductory meeting CLICK HERE


Dating abroad


MARSEILLE, France 21-22 March 2020

Stage on the Sacred Touch ritual and traditional Tantrism.


Tantric yoga teacher Training RYS 200 in India


GOA, India- December / January 2020 INFO HERE


Higher Education School of Tantrism and Tantra yoga in Milan 2019/20


- Dates 1st level 2019/20 MILAN
First meeting October 2010

3rd MEETING: MILAN 8 February 2020
4th MEETING: INTENSIVE RETREAT IN NATURE (Liguria) 11-12-13 April 2020 (FULL WEEKEND in nature)
5th MEETING - MILAN 30 May 2020
-SICILY 4-5 July 2020-INITIATORY WEEKEND: Initiation ceremony in a place surrounded by the nature of Sicily. Followed by the TANTRIC HOLIDAY from 5 to 11 July 2020 (Not mandatory but recommended).



Dates 3rd level 2019/20 MILAN

First meeting October 2019


2nd MILAN MEETING: Sunday 9 February 2020

3rd MEETING MILAN: Sunday 31 May 2020

4th MEETING: 4-11 July 2020- "SAKTIPAT" initiatory retreat in Sicily. The direct transmission from Master to student will be donated during the intensive retreat in Sicily in July 2020.

*** The third level is open only to those who have already completed the other two levels of the training school.


Intensive weekend of Tantrism and Tantra yoga Ancona 2020


-Saturday 16-17 May 2020-Maya Swati Devi



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