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The Masters of the Tantric lineages of Maya Swati Devi

pandit birju maharaj


the first and only Tantric GURU of Maya Swati Devi, of the Kaula Indian tradition.

Swami ji was born in INDIA, in a remote village near Khajuraho and left the body between 2002 and 2003.

From a very young age he was initiated into the tantric way by the yogini MOHINI DEVI, tantric teacher belonging to the Kaula lineage.

In the 70s he received the teachings directly from BABAJI SHIVA MAHAVATAR (HaidhakanBaba) who initiated him on the path of Karma yoga and Himalayan yoga.

Shri has always lived in remote places of Uttarhand in INDIA and has kept himself a pure and authentic Master, having never traveled to the West.

He never professed or revealed himself as a Tantric Master, to protect the Gurushisha Parampara oral transmission of his lineage.

The wisdom combined with his immense purity and simplicity in the tantric way characterized his teachings for the few disciples, including Maya Swati Devi, who had on this earthly passage,


The Masters who inspire the spiritual path of Maya

lahiri mahasaya
Babaji Shiva mahavatar          Ramana Maharishi                 Swami Sivananda               Lahiri Mahasaya            
sarada devi
khalil gibran
Krishnamurti                      Sarada Devi                    Jalaluddin Rumi                   Khalil Gibran         
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