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The Masters of the Tantric lineages of Maya Swati Devi

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the first and only Tantric GURU of Maya Swati Devi, of the Kaula Indian tradition.

Swami ji was born in INDIA, in a remote village near Khajuraho and left the body between 2002 and 2003.

From a very young age he was initiated into the tantric way by the yogini MOHINI DEVI, tantric teacher belonging to the Kaula lineage.

In the 70s he received the teachings directly from BABAJI SHIVA MAHAVATAR (HaidhakanBaba) who initiated him on the path of Karma yoga and Himalayan yoga.

Shri has always lived in remote places of Uttarhand in INDIA and has kept himself a pure and authentic Master, having never traveled to the West.

He never professed or revealed himself as a Tantric Master, to protect the Gurushisha Parampara oral transmission of his lineage.

The wisdom combined with his immense purity and simplicity in the tantric way characterized his teachings for the few disciples, including Maya Swati Devi, who had on this earthly passage,


maestro tantrico di Maya Swati Devi
maestro tantrico di Maya Swati Devi
tantric master
MARK DYCZCOWSKY-Shivaismo del Kashmir
MARK DYCZCOWSKY Shivaismo del Kashmir


Master of the Indian Sakta tradition, met by Maya in 2007, from whom he learned the Sakta way and the philosophy of the Dasha Mahavidya.

Shri Param was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1944 to an Indian father of the Brahmins caste and a Malaysian mother.

At only nine years old he received the first teachings from SWAMI SIVANANDA who initiated him to spiritual practices such as yoga, Tantra and meditation. In 1970 he met his second Guru SWAMI SHANTANANDA and after a few years he started teaching yoga and Tantra moving to Australia where he opened his Cum healing center in Wollahara and Health indian reastaurant.In 1990 inspired by PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA Sri Param founded his "IFC Inter Faith Center" and Temple of Divine Love in Madurai, India.

After several years in meditation Shri Param receives the first teachings directly from the great mother in the form of Kali and begins to spread the secret practices of worshiping the goddess and the ancient ritual of Yoni puja.

He also discovers healing with the sacred sounds of the Mantra which will become a fundamental part of his teachings and which he will call PARA TAN SOUND HEALING, the highest form of healing with sound.

Shri Param is the father of Para Tan sound healing, healing with the sacred sounds of tantra and handed down the worship of the Great Mother through sacred rituals and puja, yoni worship, the alchemy of love and mantras according to Jotish Vedic astrology .

Master Eswaran currently lives in Malaysia and focuses on his work of transmitting the Sakta tradition.









Shri Shanmukha Natha - Śaiva Āgama and traditional Tantra yoga

The Master who teaches the spiritual science of Shaivism and with whom Maya learned traditional Tantra yoga and certified herself Tantric yoga teacher, Certified Yoga alliance 200HR, in her Ashram in India in 2014.

Ācārya Shanmukha Natha is Śaiva Āgama Master with forty years of teaching experience.

Traditional learning involves not only the study of the Àaiva Āgama, but also the Vedas and all its various interpretations such as Āgama (what descends from the Vedas), Tantra and Yoga (āsanas, prāṇāyāma, dhyāna). The Vedas form the basic rubrics from which an Āgamic or siddhāntica perspective or even a tantric or yogic interpretation can be read.

From an early age, Shanmukha learned the spiritual science of ivaivism from his grandparents, who were devoted practitioners. His grandfather, in particular, was involved in the study of ivaaiva Tantras. Shanmukha's grandparents lived every moment of their lives as Tantrics of the right hand (Dakṣiṇa Marga) by consecrating the Deities in their personal sanctuary. Shri Shanmukha learned the Vedic sciences, namely the Agamas and Tantras, from his grandfather. Shri Shanmukha was initiated on the Vāma Marga path by a traditional Gurumayi Guru from northeastern India,

He is taught in the Vedas and therefore aware of various interpretations such as Āgama and Tantra ie Kula, Kaula, Mata and Krama. In short, he is an expert in the traditional reading of the Vedas and this also includes Vaiṣṇavism, Krasism and Buddhism. He also understands and practices Pāśupata rituals. Shri Shanmukha speaks fluent Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, English and other western languages.




MARK DYCZCOWSKY - Shivaism of Kashmir

Mark is an Indologist, professor of Sanskrit language and Kashmiro Shivaism.

Maya Follows with him a study path of Sanskrit language and Kashmiri Shivaism to understand the most traditional and authentic aspects.

Mark SG Dyczkowski received BA in Indian philosophy in 1973 in London, and MA from Benares University in Varanasi . In 1980 he graduated in Sanskrit Studies with a specialization in Kashmir Shivaism at the University of Oxford. Dyczkowski is the author of numerous texts and publications concerning Hindu tantrism .

A very active lecturer, Mark Dyczkowski is also an appreciated sitar player. He currently lives in India, near Varanasi .


Mark is the author of many books, including:

  • he Doctrine of Vibration, State University of New York Press, Albany, New York, 1987.

  • The Canon of the Śaivāgama and the Kubjikā Tantras of the Western Tradition, State University of New York Press, Albany, New York, 1987.

  • The Stanzas on Vibration, State University of New York Press, Albany, New York, l992.

  • The Aphorisms of Śiva, State University of New York Press, Albany, New York, l992.

  • Kubjikā, Kālī, Tripurā and Trika, Monograph series vol. no. 20, The Nepal Research Center, 2001.

  • The Cult of the Goddess Kubjikā. A Preliminary Comparative Textual and Anthropological Survey of a Secret Newar Goddess, Monograph series vol. no. 21, The Nepal Research Center, 2002.

  • A Journey in the World of the Tantras, Indica Books, Delhi 2004.

  • The Section concerning the Virgin Goddess of the Manthānabhairavatantra, 14 volumes, Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts in conjunction with DK Print World, Delhi.


The Masters who inspire the spiritual path of Maya

ramana maharishi
swami shivananda
lahiri mahasaya
Babaji Shiva mahavatar          Ramana Maharishi                 Swami Sivananda               Lahiri Mahasaya            
sarada devi
jalaluddin rumi
khalil gibran
Krishnamurti                      Sarada Devi                    Jalaluddin Rumi                   Khalil Gibran         
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