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Vision e Principi 

Devi Tantra Yoga Kaula Community

DEVI TANTRA YOGA  è la prima scuola italiana di TANTRISMO INDIANO e TANTRA YOGA fondata a Milano nel 2007 da Maya Swati Devi,e segue i principi dei lignaggi Shakta e Kaula.

DTY nel 2020 diventa una scuola internazionale di Yoga registrata in India.

DTY diffonde gli insegnamenti della tradizione attraverso corsi, percorsi, stage residenziali, retreat, scuola di Alta formazione certificata YA 200.

La scuola ha sede in India con succursali in Italia e alle Maldive. CLICCA QUI


The TANTRA is a spiritual way of liberation and reintegration with the absolute that follows any path, form, practice or expression of this "Whole" of which man is only a spark, a small representation of the Universe and the divine.
Tantra teaches you to free yourself from inhibitions and accept life in all its fullness by awakening all human and cosmic energies by developing awareness of your Divine nature. Through these ancient teachings The Tantric path becomes a deep inner journey that can lead to authentic union with themselves and the whole cosmos.


In Tantra in Italy and West there is still a federation that controls the professionalism of the people who teach it, and so it is possible that people who have made only a few stages you improvise tantrika, Tantra teachers or tantric massage experts.
In these lines we offer some tips to consciously choose your tantric path and to avoid unpleasant encounters or waste of time and unnecessary money.

First of all, we would like to emphasize that very often in the West the NEW AGE Tantra line is followed and other disciplines of psychological origin are associated with Tantra, widely used in internships that do not exist in the Indian tradition.
The Indian tradition tends to "FREE THE MIND" instead psychology tends to "TRAPPLE THE MIND".
The original Tantric tradition focuses "on the body and on the FEEL" instead of on the UNDERSTAND since only in this way could we reconnect with ourselves and with our true nature.
Our approach to Tantra in fact derives from this principle. TANTRISM is a deep inner path and in total connection and truth with ourselves.

"THE TANTRIC MASSAGE -A great misunderstanding"

Tantric massage, understood as in the West is not Tantra. Tantra needs a spiritual practice that has nothing to do with massage.

Unfortunately Tantrism has been reduced to a banal erotic massage, a fusion of elements of various grotesque and marketable massages.

Please read the article on TANTRA MASSAGE.
Our school spreads the SACRED TOUCH OF THE TANTRA, as a ritualistic and sacred practice during internships and annual courses. CLICK HERE


-Avoid hit and run courses, which promise ecstasy, fun and sex.

-Avoid overcrowded internships because you will only become a number.

-The Master should provide all the necessary but not definitive information since working with energy uses feeling and flowing.

-Do not go to a Tantra internship to solve your sexual or couple problems because the problems could multiply.

-In addition, it is also good not to go to the tantra stages to find a soul mate or to get engaged because you will be too busy working on you and very often the emotions you will experience will be only the result of the energy of the moment and therefore untrue. It is also true that if a man and a woman meet and recognize each other in Tantra, their bond will be unique and often indissoluble.

These are tips for those who want to take a conscious path in Tantra, but if you are looking for something else you will surely find what you are looking for.

"Look at each road calmly and carefully. Try to take a road if you want and then ask yourself if the road has a heart. If it has a heart, walk it otherwise it is to be discarded"

This sums up our message and is what we would like to share with you!


Maya Swati Devi spreads the teachings of the ancient Indian INDIAN TANTRA according to the Kaula lineages of the union of "SHIVA and SHAKTI" and SAKTA or the veneration of the DASHA MAHAVIDYA (The ten tantric goddesses of wisdom) and the great Mother following the principles of TRUTH, SIMPLICITY and LOVE, the message that left Babaji Shiva Mahavatar to the world.

Maya is Master and Yogini Tantrica started on the Kaula street by her first Master Sri Anand Guptananda and since 2007 recognized Tantra Teacher and student directed by her current Indian Tantric Master Swami Shri Param Eswaran who spreads the tradition of Sakta Tantrism of the living goddess "Living goddess tradition ".

TO KNOW THE Kaula and Sakta lineages CLICK HERE

Since 2007 Maya has been committed to transmitting the tradition of INDIAN TANTRA through courses throughout Italy and abroad and is one of the few Western Tantra teachers invited to hold seminars in India.


Tantra I teach and I spread is based on the teachings that come from the ancient tradition of Tantric Indian transmitted directly from my Indian master Swami Anand Guptananda, Kula yogi current Kularnava Tantra.
Since 2007 I have been following the teachings of my current Master Swami Eswaran and Tantra of the Sakta tradition, of the Dasha Mahavidyas and from my study on SHIVAITA TANTRISM with an internationally renowned scholar.
I also draw on the teachings of Taoism and ZEN, the worship of the goddess Sakti in the form of Kali and the god Shiva, the sacredness of Indian dance, Jyotish Vedic astrology, Ayurveda and the principles of nature.
During my workshops I don't try to analyze the events or the people and I don't have a psychological approach to Tantra but I let each person live the experience without expressing opinions or judgments.
Furthermore, I do not propose internships or pre-prepared exercises because I act on the energy of the moment and therefore on inspiration and listening to the present.

Tantra internships are open to women and men ready to become passionate about their own life as Tantra offers a new perspective to live ourselves in relationship with the other, not based on intellectual concepts, theories or philosophies, but on pure and simple experience.
In full respect of the Indian tradition, all the internships will be proposed with a holistic approach and spiritual growth, not erotic or sexual.
Tantra activates energies that help us feel connected to the universe and recognize the body as the sacred temple of Divine reality, opens the doors of the heart and disposes to welcome.

All courses are experiential and all experiences are based on one's own feeling and on the authenticity of the experience itself. During the Tantra internships no one is obliged to do what they do not want because their will will be respected and the emotions will be free to manifest themselves without judgment by the driver or by other people in the group. The experience of personal growth depends only on oneself and everyone is free to choose how far to go or go beyond their fears, mental patterns or emotional blocks.

My assistants and students are personally trained by me and follow the same principle of acting according to truth, simplicity and love towards life and individuals.
None of us introduce ourselves as Guru, healer or connoisseur of the truth but we place ourselves at the service of Divine energy and through it we experience first ourselves and then be able to give what we know to people.

My team says about me:
"Maya's teaching method is direct, frank, simple, non-formal and reflects her talents as a generous teacher who acts in TRUTH, SIMPLICITY and LOVE, bringing people to the opening of the heart.

There is no psychology or philosophy in his teachings but everything is based on listening to each person and on the energy of the moment ".

Direct personal experience and being in contact with one's Divine essence guide my path.
Maya Swati Devi


-The Master who welcomes you for a course or lesson in Tantra never offers healings, therapies or sexual ecstasies.

-The person who teaches Tantra is someone who has carried out an internal search for himself, who has traveled and who has learned Tantra in India from a Tantric Master or spiritual Guru. Indian Tantric masters (which are rare today in India) choose their students to pass on their knowledge, but Westerners who can draw on these teachings are rare.

-A Tantric Master acts with the purity of purpose and does not try to give you recipes for your life, on the contrary with his own experience he can accompany you on your journey and give you the means to work on you.

-It should spend periods of updating or study in India in order to find new energy and lifeblood.

-It does not present itself as a Guru, nor as a healer and not even as a "doctor of the mind" but presents itself with the simplicity of a child and the sincere welcome of an open heart. He will share the moments of your journey with you, he will give you advice but he will not judge you.

-Being a spiritual Master is not a profession but it is a very profound and conscious life choice if you choose to work with true tantric principles without following easy or compromised paths.

Try to choose people who have had training with an Indian tantric master or lived for a period of time in India and who know Indian culture deeply, because only with this knowledge can we understand the true meaning of Tantra.
People who in the simplicity of actions make their life the true Tantric experience by living it in everyday life.
Our principles are those that Babaji Shiva Mahavatar gave us "TRUTH, SIMPLICITY and LOVE"

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