devi tantra yoga

  We are a Kaula Community

Our team is made up of a group of students and teachers who have decided to become part of a spiritual community that follows the principles of truth, simplicity and love.

The Devi Seva (service to Devi)  it is the basis of every practitioner's sadhana, to be able to serve the divine in one's daily life.

Each member of the team freely decides to devote a part of their time to Devi Tantra Yoga and to the study of Tantrism.

Every year some student is chosen by Maya Swati Devi to perform Devi Seva and continue studying and practicing.

Everyone feels part of a spiritual family, which in traditional Tantrism is called Kaula.


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Lucrezia Ottoboni
Ishani Devi

Indologist, researcher, Oḍissī dance dancer and yoga teacher with international Yoga Alliance diploma (RYT 500).

He holds a PhD in Performing Arts  at the La Sapienza University of Rome in 2018 with a thesis on Oḍissī dance and a master in Yoga Studies at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice in 2021.  

She collaborates with Maya since 2011 and takes care of the iconographic research of her book "LA DANZATRICE TANTRICA".

Since 2020 she is a recognized teacher of DEVI TANTRA YOGA and often leads classes and workshops together with Maya. Together I lead GODDESS TANTRIC YOGA and KAMASUTRA DEVI SCHOOL.

Lucrezia ottoboni devi tantra yoga

Sri Kamal Deva


Pupil and spiritual partner of Maya Swati Devi since 2018, Sri Kamal Deva, meets Tantrism in 2018 and is initiated into the understanding of Tantra and the integration of reality itself by Maya.

In 2019 he made a long stay in India and lived the revolutionary experience of living in an Ashram in South India, putting himself at the service of the divine, in Devi Seva. Complete the one-month traditional Tantra Yoga training with Gokarna's Sva Tantra Ashram, learn Harmonium and devotional chanting with Pandit Purnananda of Rishikesh.

His cultural background and his passion concerns everything that has to do with the sea: from freediving, to scuba diving, from sailing to diving in his homeland: Sicily.

Since 2019 he has been creating the tantric malas of TANTRIKA MALA

He currently assists Maya in the organizational aspects of DTY and lives in Sicily.

carlotta hinna devi tantra yoga

Carlotta Hinna
Padmini Devi

In the 90s he approaches and studies oriental philosophies and holistic and natural medicine techniques; path that leads her to understand the importance of balance between body, mind and spirit.

In 1998 his research path culminates in meeting Yoga, which has since become the activity par excellence to which he dedicates himself daily with passion, immediately understood as a synonym of profound inner knowledge.

His experiences with Yoga begin with the gentle approach of Hatha Yoga and Tantrism.

He studied Ashtanga Yoga and IYENGAR® Yoga obtaining the official Introductory 2 diploma issued by RIMY (Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune India.

In 2009 he met Maya Swati Devid of the Sakta and Kaula tradition and began his studies with her, earning the 1st LEVEL Tantra Training certificate of Tantra Yoga and Tantrism.

Authorized as the only direct student in the Marche to teach traditional Tantra yoga and Tantrism, she has been conducting circles and paths on the Divine feminine of the Sakta tradition since 2015 at her Sakthyoga center in Ancona.

Continues his course of study becoming an authorized teacher of Devi tantra yoga.