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TANTRA  WOMAN "The living Goddess tradition"

corsi tantra donna
corsi tantra donna

"The awakening of the inner goddess"
conducted by Maya Swati Devi

Female paths are created to go beyond the conditioning that prevents us from living by expressing our full potential.
We will explore the true meaning of "being a woman" and how we can become independent, creative, and fully live our lives starting from the inner and mysterious female force, a real Alchemy of the universe.
The universe was created by the 10 Great Cosmic Forces or goddesses of wisdom. They are the facets of the Ultimate Truth, the ten aspects of the Divine in its manifestation and close to the absolute supreme.
These Cosmic Forces are: Kali, Tara, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Tripura Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Chinnamasta, Bhagalamukhi, Matangi, Kamalatmika.

Woman is the exclusive holder of the greatest mystery in the world: LIFE; earthly life is the principle of celestial immortality and also the ultimate goal of every human being, where female sacredness is fully manifested.
The WOMAN-MATERNITY concept is however intimately connected with that of sexuality, another topic not fully understood which turns out to be the basis of the physical and spiritual regeneration of each of us, as well as a means for the reproduction of the species.
Through these paths the participants will be able to reconnect with their own nature of "DIVINE CREATURES" by learning meditations and techniques for the expansion of energy, Pineapple from the SHAKTI YOGA (yoga of the goddesses), exercises to reconnect with their body, meditative dances, YOU MUST DANCE and DANCE of the moon to get in touch with the inner goddess, learn the sensual self-massage and the SACRED TOUCH OF THE DEA understanding the importance of the "YONI" (female sacred organ) which is the temple of the divine.
The lessons will be a journey through the multiple manifestations of each goddess of wisdom and each woman will be able to connect with these cosmic forces.


YONI HEALING for women only
performed by Maya Swati Devi

Yoni healing is a practice that derives from the ancient Tantric tradition of healing the female organ "Yoni".
Maya learned this technique from her Indian tantric master and is the only one in Europe to perform YONI HEALING treatments for women.

The yoni is the representation of the female organ in its divine form since the ten goddesses of wisdom reside in each yoni.
For each goddess bijia mantras or "tantric syllables" are pronounced such as AIM; SAO, HRIM, KRIM etc which correspond to the energy of the goddess and allow to venerate and purify the female organ.
Each of these ancient and sacred sounds vibrate with a particular frequency in tune with that of the different energy channels and chakras. The powerful sounds of tantra penetrate the body at the cellular level reaching deep to the soul by removing the emotional and physical toxins.

Each woman is like a "vase" and as a container collects the energies that each man leaves inside the sacred temple.
After many passages of male energies, women feel confused, afraid and lose awareness of who they really are.
The yoni therefore becomes polluted by energies that do not belong to him and with this technique it is possible to bring it back to a balanced energy cleanliness level.

Yoni healing is a non-invasive technique and can also be used on women who have ovarian problems, frigidity or performed on pregnant women to prepare the uterus and vagina for childbirth and to welcome the baby in clean energy since with sacred sounds of mantras can be eliminated the memories left for a long time in the female organ or the blocks of energy.

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