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Sacred Female Sexuality

Annual course of female tantric sacred sexuality in ITALY


This path will allow every woman to develop the qualities of the divine feminine, becoming aware of her femininity, manifesting all those aspects that make woman a divine expression capable of transforming, with her creative energy, everything that comes into contact with her. . You will learn the art of being a woman through the exploration of sensuality, grace, elegance and the artistic expression of dance and sacred sexuality.

In tantra the Woman is considered sacred and as such worshiped: she is the expression of the divine on Earth. Knowing some specific secrets of one's nature makes every woman irresistibly attractive: beyond her physical appearance she will give off joy, vitality and sensuality.

In tantra yoga, sexual energy is discovered, transmuted and sublimated for
allow the individual to reach high states of consciousness up to perfect communion with the Universal Consciousness. It is the union of the two aspects Shiva and Shakti, female and male, lunar and solar, which leads to creation, to the whole manifestation.


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