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yoni puja tantrica
yoni puja

Yonu Puja

The adoration of the cosmic uterus

Maya Swati Devi is the only Italian tantric teacher who celebrates YONI PUJA, after receiving initiation from her tantric master.

The ritual has existed for millennia in the Sakthas tradition where the energy of the great mother is revered through prayers and rituals.

During this ritual purification work will be practiced through sacred mantras. After the woman has purified herself and cellular memories have been removed from the female reproductive system, called Yoni, she is ready to be honored and revered as a Goddess.

This is a special, authentic ceremony of the millennial tradition, which helps women tune into their true nature of divine love. He will thus be able to recreate his life and relationships from a space of completeness, joy and bliss.

This is the ceremony that the yoginis and tantric yogis practiced in the temples dedicated to the great deities of creation.
During this ritual, in this sacred atmosphere, each participant will receive veneration and be honored as a divinity in this authentic millennial ritual.

LIMITED PARTICIPATION to a maximum of 12 female participants.

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