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Yoni Shakti egg

The secret practice of yoginis

YONI SHAKTI EGG, the egg of semi-precious stones such as crystal, jade, amethyst, obsidian, etc. which will allow to reinforce, make elastic and keep the "YONI" healthy. Tone the vaginal walls, remove negative energies and memories in the uterus and keep your Yoni toned.

The practice of YONI HEALING with YONI SHAKTI EGG will also be taught "The healing of the uterus with the sacred sounds of Mantra".

Yoni Shakti egg ritual is a tantric ritual practiced by yoginis, the first tantric teachers in history, to manifest within themselves all aspects of Devi. SEE Dasha Mahavidya


The benefits of Yoni Shakti Eggs


The Yoni Eggs have been used for centuries to strengthen and tone the pelvic muscle, to stimulate the nerve points "asleep" or that we never use, to improve self-esteem and to dissolve energy blocks.

Training and stimulating the vaginal muscles for physical and spiritual benefits is the highest form of worship of the sacred uterus (yoni) in Tantrism.



  • Tone and strengthen the pelvic muscle

  • Stimulate the natural lubrication of the yoni (useful during menopause)

  • Stimulate primordial sexual energy

  • Amplify sexual pleasure and orgasm

  • Reduce Incotinence (in old age)

  • Increase fertility

  • Meditate through the essence of woman

  • Rediscover the hidden and primordial energies in the body

  • Reconnect to our true nature of Goddesses on earth.

  • Remove ancient memories, traumas, blocks that reside in the uterus



Choice of Yoni Shakti egg stone

When a woman first learns the practice of the yoni shakti egg, the Master will choose the most suitable crystal for her based on astral calculations of Vyjic astrology jyotish.

After the first cycle of practice the choice of the stone may be personal, based on our feelings and what attracts our attention.

It is however possible to choose the stone based on its characteristics or on the properties we want to enhance.

Know the properties of the stones CLICK HERE


Yoni Shakti egg RITUAL

The yoni egg ritual is a sacred moment and practice in a woman's life, not just a physical exercise.

Through this practice a woman can come to understand the importance of her sacred uterus, the beauty that is hidden there and the creative energy that it contains and manifests.

To know this it is necessary to understand first that all ten goddesses of wisdom and her 64 yoginis reside in our yoni.

It is therefore a sacred temple to be honored and venerated with correct practices.

The practice that Maya Swati Devi transmits is not only physical but also energetic-spiritual and aims to awaken the life force in a woman's body. The ritual can be revealed only through direct transmission from Master to student.


Through direct transmission, which can take place during female internships or an individual session with Maya Swati Devi, a woman will be able to acquire the following knowledge:


- Shakti initiatory mantra

-How to celebrate the Puja ritual with the 5 secret substances.

-How to prepare the body and our sacred space for the ritual.

-How to clean and energize the Yoni Shakti egg.

-How to welcome the Yoni Shakti egg into the sacred uterus.

-Your first YONI SHAKTI EGG will be given to you.

-Purification with Yantra and Mantra of the egg.

- Practice YONI SHAKTI HEALING with sacred mantras.

Yogic practices to prepare your uterus for practice.

-Movements of the Venus basin.

-Mula Bhanda, Pranayama, Mudra from traditional Tantra yoga.

-YONI MUDRA, ancient yogini practice.


- NYASA practice, Tantric practice of impressing Mantra on the body.

-Offer to Divinity or Goddess.


We do not recommend the DIY in any spiritual practice and especially if it concerns the sexual aspect and the private parts of a woman, which are delicate and sensitive, as it can compromise the person on an energetic level. In the tantric way this ritual is a very powerful initiation for every woman.


TO KNOW THE NEXT STAGES on the FEMALE DIVINE that propose this practice, we invite you to view the COURSE CALENDAR




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