goddess tantric yoga
goddess tantric yoga maya swati devi
goddess tantric yoga

Goddess Tantric yoga ®
Lo Yoga Tantrico delle dee

Goddess Tantric yoga ® was created by Maya Swati Devi after over 15 years of study and research on yoga, on the Indian Tantrism of the Sakta tradition, on the spiritual disciplines of India and on the various forms of Indian and mystical dance.

A teaching method based on the application of tantric yoga principles in the art of dance, which combines a sequence of positions (Asana) inspired by the DASHA MAHAVIDYA of the Tantric Sakta tradition, the ten goddesses of wisdom, purification techniques such as Kriya, Mantra , Pranayama in a fluid continuous movement that becomes a dance.

The sequences are a harmonious fusion of Indian dance to create body awareness of movement and the basic principles of traditional tantric yoga to develop body-mind-spirit perception.

Through this practice we experience the connection with the 5 elements that create the universe - EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, ETHER and the 5 SENSES that reside in our body.

In Natya Shastra's Bharata (around 200 AD), the great Indian sacred treatise on dance and theater that contains complete revelation, these arts were defined as: "The disciplines of contemplation to gain more knowledge and achieve peace".
Yoga and dance are intimately related by the teachings that Shiva gave to the first sages in the Himalayan mountains.
Those who practice yoga and those who dance deeply connect to their SELF and to the divine in its purest form and help us in the experience of stopping the automatisms of the mind - "yoga chitta vrittris nirodha." Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.

"the dancer becomes a yogi who expresses his mastery of dance as in a state of yogic trance".

This is accomplished through regular practice of diverting the mind from worldly attractions and directing energies through one's inner fire and thus recognizing our "divine nature".

Dance and yoga are devotional practices.

Discipline, meditation through practice, subtle energy in our body can be experienced by working with invisible forces, transforming the contrast of duality into unity.
Goddess Tantric yoga is a practice of movements that penetrate the sacred space of an extra-sensory experience, inserting the body into a space of spiritual awareness, protecting it from the disruptive forces of dualism in everyday reality.


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